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Earthen Ring

On this realm, 66 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 8
Paladin 11
Hunter 6
Rogue 4
Priest 10
Death Knight 3
Shaman 6
Mage 6
Warlock 4
Druid 8

By race

Human 10
Dwarf 2
Night Elf 12
Gnome 2
Draenei 6
Worgen 0
Orc 4
Undead 3
Tauren 7
Troll 7
Blood Elf 9
Goblin 2

By faction & expansion

Alliance 32
Horde 32
Early 51
WotLK 6
Cata 9
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Ryurin KirinTheDestroyers Druid Night Elf 10,885 (Unknown)
Koeros The Riddle of Steel Hunter Night Elf 15,930 (Unknown)
Krakskul alea iacta est pondera Warrior Tauren 15,390 (Unknown)
Moozjin none Druid Troll 11,700 (Unknown)
Mosura alea iacta est dignitas Paladin Blood Elf 20,590 (Unknown)
Aabrahm Noble Order of Bugbear Druid Troll 16,820 (Unknown)
Nupe Blood Fist Rogue Troll 11,045 (Unknown)
Oddigem alea iacta est fidelis Warlock Undead 12,930 (Unknown)
Ooway Ludus of Azeroth Death Knight Dwarf 10,095 (Unknown)
Phaanisaa The Riddle of Steel Shaman Draenei 16,895 (Unknown)
Pierogria alea iacta est fidelis Paladin Tauren 15,030 (Unknown)
Quay Outcast Order Hunter Orc 20,275 (Unknown)
Reyvin Mythic Death Knight Human 17,570 (Unknown)
Rhodaria Reciprocity Shaman Draenei 21,660 (Unknown)
Necreia Rebirth Paladin Human 10,490 (Unknown)
Shaltharis Ex Inferis Druid Troll 14,690 (Unknown)
Shyzha none Druid Night Elf 16,830 (Unknown)
Silverthorne House Of Avalon Warlock Human 20,840 (Unknown)
Sinreu Dissonance Rogue Orc 13,210 (Unknown)
Sinrozar Kamikaze Runners Priest Blood Elf 15,570 (Unknown)
Squeekey Veritas Mage Gnome 16,600 (Unknown)
Travatha Veritas Druid Night Elf 22,405 (Unknown)
Valtios Palemoon Requiem Rogue Night Elf 12,320 (Unknown)
Veylenn alea iacta est audacia Warrior Tauren 15,405 (Unknown)
Wonders The Remnants Priest Draenei 21,345 (Unknown)
Wynilla Veritas Priest Night Elf 22,345 (Unknown)
Xanariae Blood Fist Paladin Blood Elf 14,855 (Unknown)
Xareus none Warrior Orc 8,625 (Unknown)
Asheran Sere Vala Priest Human 15,430 (Unknown)
Chewby Krazed and nVs Mage Human 14,095 (Unknown)
Cinoril A Legacy of Ruin Mage Blood Elf 11,995 (Unknown)
Cetane Lunatic Friends Paladin Human 18,665 (Unknown)
Dethyler Noble Order of Bugbear Rogue Undead 22,390 (Unknown)
Dimere Palemoon Requiem Warrior Night Elf 19,865 (Unknown)
Kilee The Old Guard Priest 16,590 (Unknown)
Beira Scouts of Kyhdius Mage Blood Elf 13,165 (Unknown)
Battlehammer Anarchists Anonymous Paladin Dwarf 16,845 (Unknown)
Elurs Noble Order of Bugbear Hunter Tauren 20,130 (Unknown)
Eristra The Old Guard Warlock Human 14,665 (Unknown)
Evelialia Grim Determination Paladin Blood Elf 13,615 (Unknown)
Facesmash The Northmen Warrior Human 16,380 (Unknown)
Furio Rebirth Paladin Draenei 16,140 (Unknown)
Asharas Absolute Zero Hunter Night Elf 16,190 (Unknown)
Giacomo Veritas Warrior Night Elf 22,540 (Unknown)
Gixustrat Final Stand Warrior Troll 12,770 (Unknown)
Hateful alea iacta est audacia Priest Undead 18,095 (Unknown)
Imdrizzitd Street Knights Druid Night Elf 16,615 (Unknown)
Inspiretina Sacred Priest Human 17,960 (Unknown)
Jenilea Wildly Inept Pacifists Warlock Gnome 19,210 (Unknown)
Jinfae Asmodeus Destroyers Shaman Troll 16,515 (Unknown)
Andoric Lunatic Friends Hunter Night Elf 21,655 (Unknown)
Rotaj Shadow Remains Shaman Goblin 13,955 2009-07-10 (WotLK)
Shennong ├ůscension Hunter Orc 11,000 2009-08-21 (WotLK)
Tinkdeath alea iacta est dignitas Death Knight Goblin 16,835 2009-09-28 (WotLK)
Thetauri Street Knights Paladin Draenei 17,575 2010-01-07 (WotLK)
Tithonus A Legacy of Ruin Shaman Tauren 12,215 2010-01-17 (WotLK)
Prodigalsun alea iacta est gravitas Paladin Blood Elf 9,950 2010-05-02 (WotLK)
Drewsan THE EPIC RAIDERS Warrior Night Elf 17,715 2010-12-05 (Cata)
Pandacheese ├ůscension Mage Troll 14,185 2011-03-06 (Cata)
Chaneen Tamarack Order Priest Human 11,695 2011-08-13 (Cata)
Veesha The Knights Who Say Zug Mage Blood Elf 12,390 2011-09-04 (Cata)
Elash Bloodhorde Druid Tauren 8,605 2011-09-07 (Cata)
Cuttingedge Fate Priest 20,845 2011-10-02 (Cata)
Thatoryl alea iacta est fortuna Paladin Blood Elf 11,810 2012-01-17 (Cata)
Katja Blood Fist Priest Tauren 9,480 2012-02-08 (Cata)
Skidd Malevolence Shaman Draenei 10,095 2012-02-10 (Cata)

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