Total scanned characters

The scanning method is explained here.

Region Realms Guilds scanned Characters scanned
US 246 61,448 3,293,058
Europe 265 63,502 3,397,761
Taiwan 46 4,816 587,624
Korea 33 1,591 218,563

I was somewhat surprised to see Europe coming out ahead of the US, but the heavily populated Russian realms probably made the difference. This doesn't reflect active subs of course - many subscribers have multiple 85s and many subscribers have none at all.

Biggest & smallest realms

By the number of scanned players.

Region Smallest Biggest
US Tol Barad 1,514 Illidan 40,924
Europe Vek'lor 2,988 Ravencrest 31,202
Taiwan 死亡之翼 (Deathwing) 9,546 血之谷 (Bleeding Hollow) 28,155
Korea 블랙무어 (Blackmoore) 294 듀로탄 (Durotan) 13,520

The difference between the low and high population servers is pretty extreme - 27 times in the US and 46 times in Korea. This is partially explained by the smaller realms being pretty new.

Biggest guilds

Based on the number of scanned players (active 85s).

Region Realm Guild Players
US Némesis (Nemesis) Ðream Ðivinity 916
Europe Shattered Hand D A W N 941
Taiwan 銀翼要塞 (Silverwing Hold) 偽娘黑澀會 912
Korea 아즈샤라 (Azshara) 불양 727

It's hard to imagine what being in a guild of almost a thousand active 85s is like. Probably pretty different. That's 3 times the size of the whole active population on some realms.

Most insane guilds

Guilds with the most achievers.

Region Realm Guild Insanes
US Frostmane War Front 16
Europe Ревущий фьорд (Howling Fjord) Синестезия 22
Taiwan 憤怒使者 (Wrathbringer) 神樣 14
Korea 라그나로스 (Ragnaros) La Invictus 6

Guildmates often work on the achievement together, so seeing 2 or 3 from the same guild is fairly common. The Russains are pretty hardcore though - 37% more Insane than the number 2 guild.

Date of achievement

Based on when the achievement was completed.

Patch Achievers
Before it was added 107
Wrath of the Lich King 10,930
Cataclysm 11,377

Weblogs added over time

You can see a big spike at the end of WotLK, due to an announcement by Blizzard that the achievement would be taken away. Players rushed to finish an epic achievement and earn the title. Cataclysm came out with the achievement still in place, but with relaxed requirements (no more Shen'dralar rep needed) and so the rate of earning stayed high while players who were almost done finished it up. The big spike at the end of the graph (Jan/Feb 2012) was due to patch 4.3.0 making Darkmoon Faire rep much much easier to obtain.

Realm size vs Insanes

The relationship between active population and insanity.

There's a pretty strong relationship between active realm population and number of insane achievers. There are few outliers, like Ревущий фьорд (Howling Fjord) with 155 out of 15,939 insane (high) or 亞雷戈斯 (Arygos) with 21 out of 21,090 (low). The full data is available in this google doc.

If you're interested in further analysis, you can download the entire MySQL database snapshot. It's a 153 MB .tar.gz file containing a text dump.
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