Insanity Tracker

Tracking worldwide insanity levels since 2012

This site tracks players who gain the achievement Insane in the Membrane, arguably the hardest task in World of Warcraft. Earning the prestigious 'Insane' title takes months of dedicated play, for essentially no reward.

This website tracks which players have earned it and when.

Browse by Realm

Europe 265 realms
Korea 33 realms
Taiwan 46 realms
US 246 realms

Top Realms

Europe Свежеватель Душ (Soulflayer) 245
US Illidan 129
Korea 데스윙 (Deathwing) 32
Taiwan 憤怒使者 (Wrathbringer) 55

Top Guilds

Europe Синестезия 12
Europe Why Me 11
Taiwan 神樣 14
US War Front 11
Europe М И Б 8
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