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Realm rank: 1
TW rank: 1
World rank: 2
Scanned members: 760
Insane members: 14
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Character Class Race Points Went Insane
Songyy Druid Troll 16,880 (Unknown)
小灰 Druid Tauren 23,245 (Unknown)
聖麗 Paladin Blood Elf 14,170 (Unknown)
Diablos Warrior Blood Elf 19,960 (Unknown)
史坦絲 Priest Blood Elf 22,465 (Unknown)
帥青皇 Paladin Blood Elf 23,915 (Unknown)
櫻紛雪 Druid Tauren 17,380 (Unknown)
歐逼接 Shaman Troll 24,890 (Unknown)
夜愁緋羽 Paladin Blood Elf 15,545 (Unknown)
奧斯米蘭 Druid Tauren 17,130 (Unknown)
暗影弒神 Hunter Blood Elf 19,800 (Unknown)
禾央禾央 Mage Undead 18,660 (Unknown)
Anerkodly Death Knight Blood Elf 12,340 2009-04-23 (WotLK)
幻想聖靈 Priest Troll 16,845 2009-06-08 (WotLK)

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