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On this realm, 105 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 6
Paladin 15
Hunter 11
Rogue 9
Priest 12
Death Knight 4
Shaman 5
Mage 14
Warlock 17
Druid 12

By race

Human 16
Dwarf 1
Night Elf 9
Gnome 4
Draenei 2
Worgen 3
Orc 9
Undead 16
Tauren 11
Troll 7
Blood Elf 19
Goblin 7

By faction & expansion

Alliance 35
Horde 69
Early 74
WotLK 18
Cata 13
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Amber Concílium Priest Night Elf 16,380 (Unknown)
Amswig Cohortis Rogue Troll 22,710 (Unknown)
Ardeyn Cohortis Paladin Blood Elf 21,560 (Unknown)
Arial The Strongest Priest Human 21,285 (Unknown)
Arrowsong Unknown Darkness Hunter Orc 14,730 (Unknown)
Artemys Todesflüsterer Warlock Undead 22,545 (Unknown)
Ascademos Neuzeit Mage Undead 20,120 (Unknown)
Azrailin Motley Bunch Druid Night Elf 23,130 (Unknown)
Baschinho Chaos Project Mage Undead 22,025 (Unknown)
Blackgore none Warlock Worgen 21,155 (Unknown)
Blasted Gladius Dei Warlock Human 14,260 (Unknown)
Blutengel Der dunkle Pakt Mage Undead 16,590 (Unknown)
Boyd Nachtschwärmer Paladin Draenei 17,965 (Unknown)
Bullî Boehse Ourewäller Warrior Tauren 13,600 (Unknown)
Bunnyshoneh Hostile Druid Tauren 22,770 (Unknown)
Caeden none Rogue Undead 20,180 (Unknown)
Caïa Hostile Priest Undead 24,450 (Unknown)
Calamitous Todesflüsterer Warlock Undead 21,440 (Unknown)
Cap Nightcrawlers Warrior Goblin 18,480 (Unknown)
Damutra Emonia Priest Human 17,455 (Unknown)
Dererklärbär Genesis of Equilibrium Druid Tauren 22,430 (Unknown)
Drâgun Die Legenden des Lichts Hunter Orc 18,715 (Unknown)
Ðarwyn Dark Exiles Mage Blood Elf 14,710 (Unknown)
Fénjá eX nihilo Warlock Undead 23,000 (Unknown)
Feroks deprecated Hunter Orc 17,580 (Unknown)
Gabbahead none Priest Gnome 23,570 (Unknown)
Galasi Honoris Causa Warlock Human 11,930 (Unknown)
Granwolf Die letzte Hoffnung Paladin Human 17,500 (Unknown)
Haunar Dunkler Aufbruch Hunter Goblin 17,435 (Unknown)
Hâuron Yupanqui Hunter Tauren 21,685 (Unknown)
Hexennowa Nachtschwärmer Warlock Human 11,350 (Unknown)
Hybsi Black Fraternity Mage Gnome 20,745 (Unknown)
Jotte Justîce Druid Troll 19,920 (Unknown)
Katorie The Wiping Dead Mage Blood Elf 24,260 (Unknown)
Kylïa Hostile Rogue Undead 25,005 (Unknown)
Lavitae Anomalie Mage Blood Elf 17,240 (Unknown)
Lean none Paladin Tauren 22,805 (Unknown)
Lichdoom Delirium Death Knight Goblin 20,120 (Unknown)
Linlasa dUUHm Priest Blood Elf 21,995 (Unknown)
Lootzifer Cassablanca Paladin Blood Elf 18,230 (Unknown)
Lumbargo Todesflüsterer Warlock Undead 11,645 (Unknown)
Lyuu Stay Awhile and Listen Warlock Blood Elf 15,715 (Unknown)
Metalmachine blacktide Warrior Tauren 15,980 (Unknown)
Morranka Emonia Druid Night Elf 19,090 (Unknown)
Morwo Abyssus Paladin Blood Elf 20,030 (Unknown)
Muckifredo none Warlock Undead 20,400 (Unknown)
Narim Family and Friends Hunter Worgen 10,855 (Unknown)
Nebet Viseu Mage Troll 20,250 (Unknown)
Nerurayne Der dunkle Pakt Rogue Blood Elf 17,170 (Unknown)
Nightstalker Nordlichter Warrior Tauren 24,140 (Unknown)
Pepzi Sirius Shaman 22,155 (Unknown)
Prosica Drachenkinder Shaman Troll 20,235 (Unknown)
Radak New Hope Shaman Orc 20,775 (Unknown)
Rawlol kinetigger Paladin Blood Elf 16,285 (Unknown)
Razzé Die Fiesen Warlock Goblin 12,890 (Unknown)
Ripperjack Serenity Rogue Gnome 16,635 (Unknown)
Schmalzi Ars Abdication Mage Human 16,420 (Unknown)
Schmonck Warum liegt hier Stroh Shaman Troll 19,320 (Unknown)
Setec StoarkZ Priest Blood Elf 15,055 (Unknown)
Shildebrandt Die letzte Hoffnung Priest Human 21,280 (Unknown)
Sleepwalker Consilium Dei Druid Tauren 19,585 (Unknown)
Smúrfy Voidzone Death Knight Orc 17,785 (Unknown)
Tammý Sonnenwächter Paladin Human 14,210 (Unknown)
Tashâ Twentyfive Randoms Priest Blood Elf 22,670 (Unknown)
Teppic Stylefux Inc Rogue Night Elf 19,710 (Unknown)
Terana The Raven Claws Druid Night Elf 9,985 (Unknown)
Therocket Hoher Rat Paladin Human 14,780 (Unknown)
Tonyjayjo Todesflüsterer Paladin Blood Elf 17,080 (Unknown)
Trippî none Druid Tauren 19,360 (Unknown)
Uncas Infernum Shaman Orc 17,355 (Unknown)
Valaría The Raven Claws Priest Night Elf 14,085 (Unknown)
Xardia Drachenkinder Warlock Undead 23,735 (Unknown)
Zùmi Hall of Legends Warlock Undead 22,790 (Unknown)
Reyjanae Bier und Brezeln Mage Troll 10,915 (Unknown)
Clicks kinetigger Druid Tauren 19,345 2009-04-15 (Early)
Homunkuhlus Hostile Druid Tauren 16,265 2009-05-05 (WotLK)
Seremela Quintessence Rogue Troll 10,700 2009-06-10 (WotLK)
Racheengel Friendship Warrior Human 12,680 2009-07-07 (WotLK)
Demoniac Legion der Horde Priest Undead 10,935 2009-07-09 (WotLK)
Nîedertracht eX nihilo Warlock Undead 13,805 2009-11-01 (WotLK)
Inaari Infused Hunter Goblin 20,195 2010-01-17 (WotLK)
Sanderzone Nebelfels Death Knight Blood Elf 14,170 2010-01-28 (WotLK)
Raistlijn Lost Souls Warlock Human 8,090 2010-02-15 (WotLK)
Lövie Annîhîlation Mage Human 13,880 2010-05-10 (WotLK)
Palatinus All Night Long Paladin Human 19,335 2010-06-05 (WotLK)
Goldschakal Erzritter Hunter Draenei 18,975 2010-06-10 (WotLK)
Jakesully Hostile Mage Goblin 12,595 2010-09-05 (WotLK)
Elethwen Equilibrium Druid Night Elf 16,475 2010-10-02 (WotLK)
Dschango Concilium Rogue Orc 20,520 2010-10-02 (WotLK)
Rakus Gladius Dei Paladin Human 14,715 2010-10-30 (WotLK)
Tucker Ghostriders Mage Human 20,055 2010-11-01 (WotLK)
Alnurash Refused Warlock Goblin 12,425 2010-11-01 (WotLK)
Legija Cohesion Paladin Blood Elf 10,920 2010-11-06 (WotLK)
Esmeraldas Broken Priest Blood Elf 15,060 2010-12-06 (Cata)
Grolosh Todesflüsterer Hunter Orc 12,860 2011-01-24 (Cata)
Ânveena none Paladin Blood Elf 16,730 2011-02-05 (Cata)
Nadaira kinetigger Paladin Blood Elf 20,340 2011-04-03 (Cata)
Acemi hide Death Knight Blood Elf 13,310 2011-06-14 (Cata)
Iane ReBoot Rogue Gnome 11,780 2011-07-03 (Cata)
Merkura Schatten und Nebel Druid Night Elf 14,000 2011-11-10 (Cata)
Jobaa kinetigger Warlock Orc 15,880 2012-01-07 (Cata)
Sukía none Hunter Worgen 11,570 2012-02-05 (Cata)
Priox Serenity Hunter Dwarf 14,555 2012-02-05 (Cata)
Sephirod Federal Reserve Bank Mage Night Elf 13,830 2012-02-06 (Cata)
Scørpina Impressive Warrior Undead 15,600 2012-02-10 (Cata)

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