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On this realm, 68 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 12
Paladin 9
Hunter 4
Rogue 7
Priest 8
Death Knight 4
Shaman 5
Mage 6
Warlock 5
Druid 8

By race

Human 15
Dwarf 2
Night Elf 13
Gnome 5
Draenei 8
Worgen 4
Orc 3
Undead 3
Tauren 5
Troll 2
Blood Elf 7
Goblin 0

By faction & expansion

Alliance 47
Horde 20
Early 46
WotLK 9
Cata 13
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Miralla Reckless Abandon Priest Draenei 21,260 (Unknown)
Trixrfrkids Scotch and Soda Paladin Blood Elf 13,605 (Unknown)
Thuurrber Laughing Academy Paladin Human 14,385 (Unknown)
Infy Order of Eternity Death Knight Night Elf 13,160 (Unknown)
Keeki Phoenix Tear Druid Night Elf 16,540 (Unknown)
Kylara none Hunter 19,245 (Unknown)
Learissa Reprisal Priest Human 20,760 (Unknown)
Lorellei Eternal Massacre Druid Night Elf 17,500 (Unknown)
Lprime Rocket Surgery Paladin Human 16,775 (Unknown)
Mamafatkins Auchindoun Syndrome Druid Night Elf 15,110 (Unknown)
Stalis Phoenix Tear Rogue Night Elf 21,195 (Unknown)
Mashby Azeroth Liberation Front Paladin Human 11,550 (Unknown)
Iachrel Burg Kastl Mage Gnome 16,715 (Unknown)
Momentum Emperium Spirit Warrior Night Elf 18,810 (Unknown)
Murcielago Playing With Myself Rogue Night Elf 14,345 (Unknown)
Myrella Disgruntled Shaman Tauren 21,380 (Unknown)
Spoiled Jaded Council Shaman Draenei 14,175 (Unknown)
Omegal Something Wicked Warrior Human 22,100 (Unknown)
Serryas Sorted Warrior Tauren 18,710 (Unknown)
Poch Risen Priest Dwarf 19,150 (Unknown)
Putin Something Wicked Shaman Draenei 14,575 (Unknown)
Roshnak Whisperwind Eleven Hunter Orc 14,900 (Unknown)
Rile Deus Irae Rogue Human 16,905 (Unknown)
Cyrusdavirus Azerothian Rangers Death Knight Night Elf 21,040 (Unknown)
Aeolus Wanderers Warrior Tauren 20,890 (Unknown)
Ambrossia Something Wicked Mage Human 16,530 (Unknown)
Apedestrian none Warlock Undead 16,230 (Unknown)
Asguard Pulse Priest Night Elf 21,175 (Unknown)
Astrae none Priest Human 18,060 (Unknown)
Yuliana Abyss Priest Draenei 22,100 (Unknown)
Azelea Abyss Mage Gnome 23,120 (Unknown)
Xandarious Lost Soldier of Darkness Warrior Night Elf 16,180 (Unknown)
Voidstrike none Death Knight Draenei 21,785 (Unknown)
Choms Mythic Warrior Gnome 6,205 (Unknown)
Voidrain none Warlock Gnome 20,225 (Unknown)
Crtarel Reality Check Mage Human 21,230 (Unknown)
Turbocharged Maritime Knìghts Paladin Human 17,310 (Unknown)
Dachopper Whisperwind Eleven Warrior Troll 14,945 (Unknown)
Davisprime Whisperwind Eleven Warlock Blood Elf 22,305 (Unknown)
Dmlanse Sol Invictus Druid Worgen 16,885 (Unknown)
Vixxón Victory or Whatever Mage Human 15,760 (Unknown)
Tuscansalami The Pod People Hunter Orc 17,705 (Unknown)
Greyven Infidus Paladin Blood Elf 13,340 (Unknown)
Gunslingerr none Warrior Undead 21,695 (Unknown)
Gurgii Ascension Druid Worgen 15,365 (Unknown)
Halliday Kellan Laisren Priest Night Elf 18,780 (Unknown)
Soanso Action Nine News Rogue Gnome 16,255 2009-06-13 (WotLK)
Loupy Disgruntled Druid Tauren 19,930 2009-11-04 (WotLK)
Thalone Ascension Warrior Draenei 8,650 2010-01-24 (WotLK)
Aloeabeta Reloaded Warrior Night Elf 10,495 2010-04-26 (WotLK)
Petrolyn Alpha Priest Human 9,970 2010-06-10 (WotLK)
Cassanna Void Death Knight Human 6,040 2010-08-02 (WotLK)
Sërith Story Time Warrior Blood Elf 9,185 2010-10-03 (WotLK)
Churnee Wanderers Druid Troll 10,180 2010-11-09 (WotLK)
Hisokå Eternal Blade Rogue Worgen 9,990 2010-11-10 (WotLK)
Awiza Iron Fist Warlock Undead 14,810 2010-11-26 (Cata)
Riindala Victory or Whatever Shaman Dwarf 11,645 2010-12-05 (Cata)
Marvelor Order of Eternity Mage Draenei 7,960 2011-02-12 (Cata)
Nightly Midnight Sky Druid Night Elf 8,005 2011-04-16 (Cata)
Strykes The Cuppy Cakes Paladin Blood Elf 9,035 2011-05-09 (Cata)
Naalun The Collective Paladin Blood Elf 12,410 2011-06-26 (Cata)
Bolerephon Carried Rogue Human 14,140 2011-09-04 (Cata)
Huntkhan Phoenix Tear Hunter Draenei 8,950 2011-09-07 (Cata)
Ghiblian Story Time Paladin Blood Elf 19,485 2011-10-20 (Cata)
Ilthen Something Wicked Rogue Worgen 13,370 2011-12-09 (Cata)
Maerl Scotch and Soda Shaman Tauren 11,720 2012-01-04 (Cata)
Thediss Molon Labe Warrior Orc 12,325 2012-01-05 (Cata)
Dragonvein Genesís Warlock Human 16,295 2012-02-05 (Cata)

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