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On this realm, 39 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 6
Paladin 9
Hunter 2
Rogue 5
Priest 2
Death Knight 2
Shaman 3
Mage 5
Warlock 3
Druid 2

By race

Human 11
Dwarf 3
Night Elf 5
Gnome 4
Draenei 4
Worgen 0
Orc 1
Undead 2
Tauren 2
Troll 3
Blood Elf 4
Goblin 0

By faction & expansion

Alliance 27
Horde 12
Early 32
WotLK 5
Cata 2
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Sparkye Unreasonable Hunter Draenei 21,035 (Unknown)
Katjia From Chaos Shaman Draenei 21,480 (Unknown)
Matayas Multifarious Inc Warrior Night Elf 20,225 (Unknown)
Acklar From Chaos Warlock Gnome 20,405 (Unknown)
Nickar Obsidian Paladin Dwarf 20,650 (Unknown)
Pewpewblast none Mage Human 23,160 (Unknown)
Pseudo Damage Control Paladin Blood Elf 16,480 (Unknown)
Serothala Member FDIC Warlock Undead 11,565 (Unknown)
Sinnsation Stormwind Bowling league Druid Night Elf 16,835 (Unknown)
Nemsekilmit The Iron Band Rogue Night Elf 19,490 (Unknown)
Thepvpness Recognition Priest Night Elf 12,395 (Unknown)
Tokenthedark Conviction Paladin Human 18,090 (Unknown)
Tomás Against All Odds Rogue Human 17,290 (Unknown)
Trolltard Damage Control Death Knight Troll 19,555 (Unknown)
Warfire Conviction Warrior Human 19,405 (Unknown)
Whytie Balls Paladin Dwarf 23,255 (Unknown)
Zivy Balls Rogue Gnome 22,080 (Unknown)
Kagero Against All Odds Rogue Human 24,210 (Unknown)
Alindy Seventh Column Priest Undead 11,360 (Unknown)
Arkanis Three Inches of Blood Warrior Gnome 20,075 (Unknown)
Aurane Damage Control Rogue Troll 11,885 (Unknown)
Crene Special Sauce by Kate Paladin Blood Elf 18,925 (Unknown)
Duchaillu Castaways Mage Blood Elf 12,540 (Unknown)
Duncanmctung THE ALL MiGHTY Paladin Human 20,660 (Unknown)
Durlen none Warrior Tauren 13,865 (Unknown)
Duskmoon Multifarious Inc Shaman Draenei 14,680 (Unknown)
Fallenmaiden Brotherhood of Darkness Mage Blood Elf 11,500 (Unknown)
Gnight Effigy Death Knight Human 19,205 (Unknown)
Graylor Conviction Warrior Human 22,755 (Unknown)
Grimmer The Art of Ruin Shaman Tauren 18,800 (Unknown)
Igixilix Dark Phoenix Paladin Human 8,160 (Unknown)
Kashara Unreasonable Hunter Night Elf 20,430 (Unknown)
Rawbzirl Logic Paladin Dwarf 15,445 2009-09-27 (WotLK)
Spacelock University of Suramar Warlock Orc 10,525 2009-12-06 (WotLK)
Chronus From Chaos Warrior Human 12,780 2010-06-10 (WotLK)
Pradà Multifarious Inc Mage Draenei 14,650 2010-08-08 (WotLK)
Taytay Affinity Mage Gnome 10,885 2010-10-31 (WotLK)
Purevodka The Dark Exile Druid Troll 13,830 2011-07-13 (Cata)
Uplifter Platonically Promiscuous Paladin Human 14,475 2011-12-05 (Cata)

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