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On this realm, 33 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 4
Paladin 2
Hunter 0
Rogue 3
Priest 9
Death Knight 3
Shaman 1
Mage 4
Warlock 4
Druid 3

By race

Human 12
Dwarf 1
Night Elf 9
Gnome 2
Draenei 4
Worgen 0
Orc 0
Undead 2
Tauren 0
Troll 0
Blood Elf 2
Goblin 1

By faction & expansion

Alliance 28
Horde 5
Early 28
WotLK 1
Cata 4
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Khroy Varghala Rogue Night Elf 14,160 (Unknown)
Zatoci Counterpoint Paladin Human 19,595 (Unknown)
Vaughn Annuit Coeptis Warrior Night Elf 22,665 (Unknown)
Vani J N R V Mage Human 18,330 (Unknown)
Urmage Hustlaz Ambition II Mage Human 5,105 (Unknown)
Tzeago Condemned Rogue Undead 19,115 (Unknown)
Thromanor High Order Warrior Night Elf 9,340 (Unknown)
Thacis Artifice Priest Blood Elf 12,480 (Unknown)
Sisterfeir Thalion Priest Human 20,525 (Unknown)
Omm NoobdockSaints Warlock Human 10,415 (Unknown)
Miralla Legion Of Darkness Druid Night Elf 22,060 (Unknown)
Maralis Morsus Angelus Druid Night Elf 21,725 (Unknown)
Maddamn Amicitia Forus Mage Gnome 16,540 (Unknown)
Lenlaar Pie Vendor Paladin Human 23,515 (Unknown)
Landale BYPolar Godz Death Knight Blood Elf 12,270 (Unknown)
Akkurdal Condemned Warlock Undead 20,580 (Unknown)
Gwenadora Werk n Progress Warlock Human 15,930 (Unknown)
Aleryial Team Omega Priest Night Elf 14,810 (Unknown)
Alikron Atrum Mortis Warrior Night Elf 12,430 (Unknown)
Amaxlysta none Death Knight Draenei 17,555 (Unknown)
Anique Atrum Mortis Priest Draenei 22,060 (Unknown)
Atriala Asylum Priest Night Elf 20,640 (Unknown)
Chirri The Die Is Cast Priest Gnome 16,410 (Unknown)
Cuthuga Invalid Target Mage Human 15,360 (Unknown)
Daelynn ultimate Priest Human 16,240 (Unknown)
DemĂ´nlock Pie Vendor Warlock Human 19,755 (Unknown)
Derff Atrum Mortis Druid Night Elf 11,295 (Unknown)
Enotika Counterpoint Shaman Draenei 23,155 (Unknown)
Tierborn The Landlord Priest Draenei 12,795 2009-08-03 (WotLK)
Vladenstock Icon Priest Goblin 17,675 2011-01-15 (Cata)
Carliena Third Shift Warrior Human 8,255 2011-03-06 (Cata)
Bollix Third Shift Rogue Human 10,355 2011-09-11 (Cata)
Hrothgaen Preeminent Skillz Death Knight Dwarf 13,195 2012-07-15 (Cata)

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