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On this realm, 36 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 3
Paladin 4
Hunter 4
Rogue 6
Priest 5
Death Knight 0
Shaman 1
Mage 2
Warlock 2
Druid 9

By race

Human 3
Dwarf 1
Night Elf 6
Gnome 0
Draenei 1
Worgen 3
Orc 1
Undead 3
Tauren 3
Troll 6
Blood Elf 6
Goblin 1

By faction & expansion

Alliance 14
Horde 20
Early 27
WotLK 3
Cata 6
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Lampy Slave To The Grind Paladin Blood Elf 16,820 (Unknown)
Xoqoou Fluffy Clouds Of Love Druid Troll 10,765 (Unknown)
Xarran Amok Warrior Tauren 20,145 (Unknown)
Tsubasa Circle of the Yeti Hunter Night Elf 11,235 (Unknown)
Therec Big Crits Mage Troll 18,965 (Unknown)
Staraynne Tuesday Nite Nerds Druid Troll 12,290 (Unknown)
Shimitsu We Happy Few Rogue 15,955 (Unknown)
Saisio Silence Rogue Undead 16,900 (Unknown)
Nui Amok Warlock Blood Elf 19,035 (Unknown)
Nicyla The Knights who say NI Druid Night Elf 21,185 (Unknown)
Nametaken Lobotomy Druid Night Elf 12,980 (Unknown)
Morgase Scum of the Earth Rogue Undead 11,280 (Unknown)
Membrane Scum of the Earth Shaman Goblin 11,635 (Unknown)
Maxpwer A p e x Druid Worgen 15,520 (Unknown)
Leikceip Fury Untold Rogue Blood Elf 9,000 (Unknown)
Adessei Last Attempt Hunter Night Elf 17,235 (Unknown)
Alecore Midnights Call Paladin Blood Elf 17,850 (Unknown)
Kisame Zombie Warrior Night Elf 16,540 (Unknown)
Kerunsath none Rogue Worgen 10,790 (Unknown)
Jasron SummuS Hunter Human 21,430 (Unknown)
Annagul Tuesday Nite Nerds Priest Blood Elf 15,170 (Unknown)
Aureliano Natural Disaster Druid Night Elf 13,055 (Unknown)
Kismet Drawn Together Priest Human 20,655 (Unknown)
Finsk Tuesday Nite Nerds Druid Tauren 9,025 (Unknown)
Felicio Ministry of Silly Walks Paladin Dwarf 13,660 (Unknown)
Dukkee none Rogue Troll 12,975 (Unknown)
Ecoradikal Cloud Nine Priest 18,515 (Unknown)
Kaylaena Premonition Druid Worgen 16,795 2009-06-11 (WotLK)
Ichirei Amok Priest Undead 11,510 2009-08-03 (WotLK)
Lyrra Premonition Mage Human 14,235 2010-01-13 (WotLK)
Gibblets Big Crits Warlock Orc 11,810 2010-11-22 (Cata)
Ena none Druid Troll 12,280 2010-12-06 (Cata)
Suimin SO AMAZING Priest Draenei 9,980 2011-06-05 (Cata)
Moochops X Plagued Warrior Tauren 12,020 2011-09-18 (Cata)
Kronulos Unholy Annihilation Paladin Blood Elf 9,320 2011-09-30 (Cata)
Grawpp Big Crits Hunter Troll 11,010 2012-01-04 (Cata)

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