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On this realm, 82 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 12
Paladin 14
Hunter 6
Rogue 4
Priest 11
Death Knight 3
Shaman 4
Mage 10
Warlock 6
Druid 12

By race

Human 28
Dwarf 3
Night Elf 13
Gnome 6
Draenei 4
Worgen 1
Orc 3
Undead 6
Tauren 6
Troll 6
Blood Elf 5
Goblin 1

By faction & expansion

Alliance 55
Horde 27
Early 52
WotLK 15
Cata 15
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Ralanar Inner Sanctum Shaman Troll 18,695 (Unknown)
Jandelleta Fission Chips Druid Night Elf 15,185 (Unknown)
Kimeri Risen Priest Human 18,310 (Unknown)
Lemu Mojo Warrior Human 15,550 (Unknown)
Litespeed Stormsong Shaman Draenei 16,550 (Unknown)
Milkybell Belvedere Paladin Dwarf 12,245 (Unknown)
Mírah Pendragon Hunter Night Elf 10,540 (Unknown)
Mitsuki The Round Table of Iron Paladin Human 20,700 (Unknown)
Mtnaan Non Combat Pet Warrior Draenei 13,615 (Unknown)
Munro Fatal Destiny Paladin Human 18,015 (Unknown)
Nateel Thorns of Gold Mage Human 19,920 (Unknown)
Nicorobin The Round Table of Iron Rogue Human 17,230 (Unknown)
Niocross Ouroboros Mage Gnome 16,300 (Unknown)
Plath Pride of Proudmoore Druid Night Elf 19,775 (Unknown)
Quio Elemental Reign Mage Human 13,390 (Unknown)
Alcas CAVAG Druid Tauren 18,755 (Unknown)
Reagansmash Mythical Death Knight Troll 20,165 (Unknown)
Rockharrd Raiders of Da Lost Taint Paladin Blood Elf 22,825 (Unknown)
Shantai Monroe Republic Hunter Night Elf 21,395 (Unknown)
Spayde Mandalorian Knights Rogue Human 15,980 (Unknown)
Spideria Lapsis Angelus Rogue Human 12,710 (Unknown)
Srettel Fission Chips Priest Human 22,050 (Unknown)
Tammuz Raiders of Da Lost Taint Shaman Tauren 17,925 (Unknown)
Tree Contemplative Druid Night Elf 19,665 (Unknown)
View Egalitarian Misanthrope Warrior Orc 11,595 (Unknown)
Viria One Night Stand Priest Undead 21,335 (Unknown)
Volti Vampire Penguin Society Paladin Human 20,185 (Unknown)
Wrune We Are Watching Paladin Human 11,980 (Unknown)
Zadie Raiders of Da Lost Taint Priest Troll 16,415 (Unknown)
Dooa Undecided Hunter Troll 12,770 (Unknown)
Battlebeard Wrath Paladin Dwarf 16,625 (Unknown)
Bludgeons Recursion Warrior Human 18,070 (Unknown)
Brutallia Taint Death Knight Blood Elf 4,490 (Unknown)
Chalor Nox Invictus Warlock Gnome 15,540 (Unknown)
Azoun Ritual Noise Paladin Human 15,895 (Unknown)
Chibiko Equilibrium Warrior Gnome 19,505 (Unknown)
Aylon Blades and Brew Paladin Draenei 9,550 (Unknown)
Confusinated none Paladin Human 19,170 (Unknown)
Ariadna Mostly Harmless Shaman Tauren 10,825 (Unknown)
Anyunka Mercen Ares Hunter Night Elf 19,555 (Unknown)
Dobuya Thorns of Grey Warrior Orc 8,725 (Unknown)
Drakkean aus Warrior Night Elf 8,390 (Unknown)
Hooloomoo Sparkle Magic Druid Tauren 9,405 (Unknown)
Farieth Divine Wind Druid Night Elf 20,445 (Unknown)
Aernon aus Priest Night Elf 16,545 (Unknown)
Farmgirl North Outland Trading Co Hunter Blood Elf 12,770 (Unknown)
Fizzlebottom Symphony of Destruction Paladin Dwarf 17,710 (Unknown)
Aldyn Goes To Eleven Druid Tauren 17,235 (Unknown)
Andromalius Overlords Warrior Draenei 16,345 (Unknown)
Antosiak Ínfinity Mage Human 16,595 (Unknown)
Gohnk Wardens of Fate Warrior Orc 14,400 (Unknown)
Caidance Infidels Paladin Human 11,620 2009-04-16 (Early)
Worglavs Heat Rogue Worgen 12,530 2009-06-08 (WotLK)
Vladya Non Combat Pet Priest Human 13,540 2009-08-04 (WotLK)
Vammp Lunacy Priest Gnome 19,400 2009-08-07 (WotLK)
Racknor Thorns of Gold Mage Human 16,865 2009-09-06 (WotLK)
Ryusei Undecided Mage Undead 11,940 2009-09-09 (WotLK)
Kazekami Non Combat Pet Warlock Human 9,810 2010-01-03 (WotLK)
Tegrin Heat Warlock Gnome 9,155 2010-05-02 (WotLK)
Surggeon none Priest Blood Elf 16,540 2010-05-02 (WotLK)
Zuccah CoStarring Matt Damon Paladin Human 10,425 2010-08-04 (WotLK)
Sneer Perseverance Warrior Human 11,465 2010-08-09 (WotLK)
Nimbia Egalitarian Misanthrope Priest Undead 16,915 2010-09-06 (WotLK)
Vinbaker The War Machine Warrior Human 12,690 2010-09-29 (WotLK)
Litaes Carpe Jugulum Druid Troll 10,595 2010-10-03 (WotLK)
Phezz Taint Druid Troll 13,935 2010-10-07 (WotLK)
Lgirl She Paladin Human 11,375 2010-11-01 (WotLK)
Zebadiah Imperial Council Death Knight Night Elf 10,745 2010-12-05 (Cata)
Moonrayz Black Wolf Mercenaries Druid Night Elf 14,270 2010-12-05 (Cata)
Purley Taint Warlock Undead 12,645 2011-03-07 (Cata)
Fujinarrows Heat Hunter Night Elf 12,405 2011-04-03 (Cata)
Monistat Dark Priest Human 10,845 2011-05-09 (Cata)
Amaheal Terror Australis Priest Blood Elf 10,080 2011-09-17 (Cata)
Allopurinol To Be Determined Mage Gnome 8,965 2011-10-05 (Cata)
Holmiester Terror Australis Druid Tauren 11,345 2011-10-07 (Cata)
Negalmuur Angelurum Warlock Human 17,030 2011-10-27 (Cata)
Lemiriana Undecided Warrior Undead 10,840 2011-11-09 (Cata)
Veiliss Sparkle Magic Mage Goblin 11,115 2011-12-09 (Cata)
Curoro Vanquisher Druid Night Elf 16,560 2012-01-06 (Cata)
Joala Hard Taco Supremes Mage Human 14,000 2012-02-06 (Cata)
Vitriol Hug Vendor Warlock Undead 17,210 2012-02-07 (Cata)
Kírkanos Axiom Mage Human 17,050 2012-02-10 (Cata)

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