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On this realm, 40 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 4
Paladin 5
Hunter 4
Rogue 5
Priest 7
Death Knight 1
Shaman 3
Mage 4
Warlock 4
Druid 3

By race

Human 11
Dwarf 0
Night Elf 9
Gnome 1
Draenei 3
Worgen 2
Orc 4
Undead 2
Tauren 1
Troll 1
Blood Elf 6
Goblin 0

By faction & expansion

Alliance 26
Horde 14
Early 32
WotLK 3
Cata 5
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Ryuu Mythos Warrior Night Elf 16,685 (Unknown)
Tryg Sodality of the Constant Paladin Human 14,730 (Unknown)
Xnub Eye of the Tiger Warrior Orc 12,875 (Unknown)
Forty Hoss Rogue Night Elf 18,235 (Unknown)
Korat Darkfire Warrior Human 20,195 (Unknown)
Renzo Manifest Destiny Rogue Human 15,775 (Unknown)
Ahodaa Sodality of the Constant Paladin Human 18,470 (Unknown)
Fahren Paradox Druid Night Elf 21,565 (Unknown)
Mamado Draenor Elites Paladin Human 11,145 (Unknown)
Wargon MostlyHarmless Hunter Night Elf 12,360 (Unknown)
Yukoss Shadows and Dust Mage Undead 17,335 (Unknown)
Alavash Prompt Critical Rogue Orc 19,120 (Unknown)
Grotzak Blood Brothers Hunter Troll 14,810 (Unknown)
Michara The Forsaken Mage Gnome 13,430 (Unknown)
Sunhawk Broken Promíses Rogue Night Elf 20,200 (Unknown)
Azzinoth Destruction Rogue Night Elf 23,290 (Unknown)
Barrious Little Urban Elites Mage Human 10,655 (Unknown)
Caragdur Little Urban Elites Druid Night Elf 14,160 (Unknown)
Dragaiko Cursed Shaman Orc 12,600 (Unknown)
Garlanda Hand Of Azeroth Hunter Blood Elf 12,190 (Unknown)
Kazeijin Complexity Priest Human 23,290 (Unknown)
Rathkore Show Me Your Crits Shaman Orc 13,855 (Unknown)
Sulfuras Darkfire Shaman Draenei 11,265 (Unknown)
Tirrimor Dropped Stitches Priest Human 20,200 (Unknown)
Vandelay Darkfire Warrior Night Elf 21,325 (Unknown)
Elaszunne The Elven Empire Priest Night Elf 16,450 (Unknown)
Frostmoon Trouble Priest Blood Elf 18,535 (Unknown)
Kittydoom Darkfire Priest Draenei 16,545 (Unknown)
Onslaught Trial and Error Paladin Blood Elf 20,275 (Unknown)
Valthonis Hoss Warlock Human 16,790 (Unknown)
Maximusrex Little Urban Elites Warlock Human 17,310 (Unknown)
Dangwiggums Darkfire Mage Worgen 13,110 (Unknown)
Thunderfury Darkfire Paladin Draenei 8,605 2010-01-12 (WotLK)
Cenobita Outliers Warlock Undead 11,090 2010-10-03 (WotLK)
Cayline Untold Refugees Priest Blood Elf 8,975 2010-11-01 (WotLK)
Luthair The Flaw of Mortality Priest Worgen 17,570 2010-12-05 (Cata)
Artemiaa Grimhorn Tribe Hunter Blood Elf 10,840 2011-08-04 (Cata)
Kergan Discord Death Knight Human 16,030 2011-08-07 (Cata)
Knastian Trial and Error Warlock Blood Elf 14,750 2011-10-30 (Cata)
Bainan Eye of the Tiger Druid Tauren 16,235 2012-01-03 (Cata)

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