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Cenarion Circle

On this realm, 38 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 5
Paladin 3
Hunter 4
Rogue 4
Priest 6
Death Knight 2
Shaman 0
Mage 9
Warlock 0
Druid 5

By race

Human 5
Dwarf 2
Night Elf 6
Gnome 7
Draenei 1
Worgen 1
Orc 3
Undead 3
Tauren 6
Troll 1
Blood Elf 2
Goblin 1

By faction & expansion

Alliance 22
Horde 16
Early 29
WotLK 6
Cata 3
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Pexie Merry Band of Misfits Priest Draenei 17,045 (Unknown)
Kazzix Golden Aegis Mage Gnome 21,710 (Unknown)
Adsbolt Order of the Ebon Shield Hunter Tauren 21,910 (Unknown)
Maloren Defiled Legacy Rogue Blood Elf 14,650 (Unknown)
Manson NightLife Warrior Night Elf 12,300 (Unknown)
Naranis Small Frye Druid Night Elf 13,950 (Unknown)
Nerdos Eternal Sorrow Death Knight Orc 16,110 (Unknown)
Ogrillon Circle of Chaos Warrior Orc 17,730 (Unknown)
Olórin Warcraftier Mage Human 24,555 (Unknown)
Laiylania NightLife Priest Gnome 18,160 (Unknown)
Pictu Shadows of Destiny Mage Gnome 14,335 (Unknown)
Probata Northrend Commonwealth Mage Gnome 15,715 (Unknown)
Scarlax Mouthbreathers HUUHHUUHH Death Knight Orc 21,725 (Unknown)
Staker Blackwater Circle Hunter Night Elf 13,890 (Unknown)
Trinder Axiom Druid Night Elf 21,905 (Unknown)
Vordar Succubi Mage Gnome 19,815 (Unknown)
Yhi The Desecrated Druid Tauren 12,305 (Unknown)
Giliaris Axiom Priest Gnome 19,090 (Unknown)
Armø none Warrior Undead 19,285 (Unknown)
Brahmaim Grim Maw Clan Warrior Tauren 13,120 (Unknown)
Cowardly Malicious Intent Priest Tauren 18,045 (Unknown)
Daarg The First Army Hunter Tauren 17,775 (Unknown)
Dracosis Paradise Lost Mage Human 23,315 (Unknown)
Grumps none Priest Dwarf 7,420 (Unknown)
Howel Crusaders of Valor Mage Gnome 11,095 (Unknown)
Ignastio Eternal Sorrow Rogue Undead 17,155 (Unknown)
Imperon Lluchduu Ocheliad Mage Human 20,180 (Unknown)
Iracus Get Rich or Die Grinding Paladin Dwarf 16,395 (Unknown)
Kaeley Small Frye Rogue Night Elf 12,440 (Unknown)
Atrakinze Eternal Sorrow Hunter Troll 13,655 2009-07-24 (WotLK)
Whargoul Order of the Ebon Shield Priest Undead 12,075 2010-01-31 (WotLK)
Neuriel Ascendancy Mage Blood Elf 8,445 2010-02-02 (WotLK)
Jarand Unknown Entity Druid Night Elf 15,875 2010-04-04 (WotLK)
Sulphus Goldmans Sack Rogue Goblin 8,510 2010-11-01 (WotLK)
Karadine Sacrosanct Paladin Human 14,635 2010-11-02 (WotLK)
Lunaescence The Insiders Druid Worgen 7,445 2010-11-15 (Cata)
Carilia Biscuit of Dewm Paladin Human 12,755 2011-03-06 (Cata)
Clannagh Nephilim Warrior Tauren 13,935 2011-11-30 (Cata)

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