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On this realm, 34 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 5
Paladin 6
Hunter 3
Rogue 1
Priest 3
Death Knight 2
Shaman 2
Mage 5
Warlock 5
Druid 2

By race

Human 13
Dwarf 3
Night Elf 4
Gnome 2
Draenei 4
Worgen 1
Orc 0
Undead 2
Tauren 1
Troll 0
Blood Elf 2
Goblin 1

By faction & expansion

Alliance 27
Horde 6
Early 29
WotLK 1
Cata 4
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Kuzgun Tyranny Mage Undead 16,210 (Unknown)
Xanadoo House Stark Mage Human 20,675 (Unknown)
Vlada Serenity Knights Mage Draenei 23,390 (Unknown)
Valldrak Sleepless Knights Death Knight Worgen 23,475 (Unknown)
Squeeze Over Nine Thousand Warrior Human 22,235 (Unknown)
Sifty Vexed Druid Tauren 10,655 (Unknown)
Serendepth Serenity Knights Priest Gnome 21,755 (Unknown)
Rifkis Higher Calling Paladin Human 20,750 (Unknown)
Rennatt Grand Theft Kodo Paladin Human 22,845 (Unknown)
Rathane Serenity Knights Hunter Draenei 24,150 (Unknown)
Phibronite Midwatch Gators Death Knight Human 15,550 (Unknown)
Naoya Paragon Shaman Draenei 11,400 (Unknown)
Merrika Over Nine Thousand Hunter Night Elf 12,680 (Unknown)
Llwydnos Dead Tree Pirates Warlock Undead 11,085 (Unknown)
Aideris Over Nine Thousand Warrior Human 12,255 (Unknown)
Konstina Atomic Wedgie Warlock Human 21,255 (Unknown)
Dunkle Higher Calling Warrior Gnome 20,830 (Unknown)
Anomalous More Chaos Paladin Blood Elf 14,835 (Unknown)
Aviona WaRPeD MiNDs Warrior Human 18,065 (Unknown)
Becky Maidens of the Dawn Paladin Human 20,940 (Unknown)
Camwyn Formerly Unguilded Warlock Human 17,045 (Unknown)
Castlehawke Dresden Files Mage Human 14,605 (Unknown)
Delmer Under Geared for Life Druid Night Elf 18,065 (Unknown)
Doughman Sleepless Knights Paladin Draenei 18,600 (Unknown)
Iamanoob Vexed Mage Blood Elf 13,730 (Unknown)
Immadude Sleepless Knights Warlock Human 20,080 (Unknown)
Imrae Serenity Knights Shaman Dwarf 17,370 (Unknown)
Inspectadeck Higher Calling Warlock Human 17,545 (Unknown)
Jaeliyah Daughters OfThe Alliance Warrior Night Elf 14,975 (Unknown)
Monadnock Daughters of the Horde Rogue Goblin 8,800 2010-06-04 (WotLK)
Isilra Higher Calling Hunter 15,250 2010-12-05 (Cata)
Morgwatt Grand Theft Kodo Priest Night Elf 11,980 2011-06-18 (Cata)
Sammaelfist Balance Paladin Dwarf 11,650 2011-08-10 (Cata)
Knobs Apex Priest Dwarf 9,685 2011-09-24 (Cata)

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