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Argent Dawn

On this realm, 62 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 5
Paladin 8
Hunter 5
Rogue 6
Priest 7
Death Knight 4
Shaman 3
Mage 9
Warlock 5
Druid 10

By race

Human 14
Dwarf 3
Night Elf 16
Gnome 2
Draenei 2
Worgen 2
Orc 7
Undead 3
Tauren 8
Troll 2
Blood Elf 3
Goblin 0

By faction & expansion

Alliance 39
Horde 23
Early 47
WotLK 6
Cata 9
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Megatha Reckless Endeavor Rogue Human 17,065 (Unknown)
Jaydeowl The Way Of Knowledge Druid Night Elf 17,245 (Unknown)
Khalyana Ninth Legion Priest Night Elf 9,535 (Unknown)
Kirazrael Blacktalon Warlock Human 13,985 (Unknown)
Stormcrow Great Old Ones Druid Tauren 15,150 (Unknown)
Kitare Reckless Endeavor Rogue Night Elf 17,890 (Unknown)
Kotaro Great Old Ones Warrior Tauren 20,185 (Unknown)
Lliadan Warriors of Lost Fate Paladin Human 9,475 (Unknown)
Luthane Niveus Lepus Paladin Tauren 18,640 (Unknown)
Malhavoc Obsidian Reaver Clan Shaman Orc 19,060 (Unknown)
Marusia Legacy of the Illuminati Druid Night Elf 23,015 (Unknown)
Maube Winter Wolves Mage Undead 20,915 (Unknown)
Megala Reckless Endeavor Priest Night Elf 17,065 (Unknown)
Kaideleigh Raw Deal Druid Night Elf 18,855 (Unknown)
Miruvor Blacktalon Druid Night Elf 20,835 (Unknown)
Ninali Legacy of the Illuminati Priest Night Elf 20,745 (Unknown)
Odok Winter Wolves Warrior Orc 22,405 (Unknown)
Pithian Bacon Warlock Gnome 12,350 (Unknown)
Previn The Unrepaired Rogue Human 13,975 (Unknown)
Rorschak Blacktalon Hunter Dwarf 16,705 (Unknown)
Rydak Aerthyrian Sovereignty Paladin Human 17,465 (Unknown)
Rylacus House Stalwart Rogue Worgen 20,010 (Unknown)
Skobi Cuddlefish Mage Troll 14,520 (Unknown)
Sereinia Enlightened Mage Human 19,470 (Unknown)
Similyn Death by Design Paladin Tauren 20,965 (Unknown)
Denchy Demented Warrior Undead 23,025 (Unknown)
Warwolfe for Horde Warlock Orc 22,370 (Unknown)
Aidas Fearfulways Rogue Human 15,145 (Unknown)
Akraen Natural Order Mage Night Elf 16,625 (Unknown)
Amadan Legacy of the Illuminati Rogue Night Elf 15,210 (Unknown)
Aoebe Angels and Demons Mage Human 12,595 (Unknown)
Asejia Great Old Ones Hunter Troll 20,935 (Unknown)
Birdhunter Circle of Fear Hunter Tauren 20,455 (Unknown)
Calliban Tempestus Infinitus Death Knight Orc 18,660 (Unknown)
Clarevoyant Death by Design Mage Blood Elf 12,910 (Unknown)
Daken Homeland Security Paladin Human 20,520 (Unknown)
Daphcelyn Knights of Anduin Warlock Human 16,750 (Unknown)
Hortencia Vagrant Dancer Mage Undead 8,520 (Unknown)
Eillaura Másters of Kárate Druid Night Elf 24,295 (Unknown)
Elypsuto ArcLight Druid Tauren 18,840 (Unknown)
Estan Black Phoenix Priest Human 20,670 (Unknown)
Faid Legacy of the Illuminati Paladin Human 16,075 (Unknown)
Foonbaba Tempestus Infinitus Death Knight Orc 10,555 (Unknown)
Gliondel Gnomes Will Eat You Priest Night Elf 22,265 (Unknown)
Ururun Squirrelbane Shaman Dwarf 12,315 (Unknown)
Gordantell Bloodmoon Chosen Hunter Tauren 11,710 (Unknown)
Hlell Great Old Ones Druid Tauren 11,825 (Unknown)
Fizzlebye Burnt Out Raiders Warrior Gnome 9,515 2009-05-31 (WotLK)
Sarianas Blackwater Seawolves Mage Draenei 8,000 2009-11-24 (WotLK)
Breiya Quality Priest Blood Elf 11,010 2010-02-08 (WotLK)
Leviticas Bacon Death Knight Worgen 8,645 2010-06-06 (WotLK)
Terreis Force Recon Priest Draenei 11,780 2010-10-31 (WotLK)
Wedge Great Old Ones Death Knight Orc 12,675 2010-11-11 (WotLK)
Adarel Bacon Druid Night Elf 12,025 2010-12-05 (Cata)
Tysent Blacktalon Druid Night Elf 16,690 2010-12-14 (Cata)
Soularchmage No Doze Warlock Human 11,510 2011-06-05 (Cata)
Kirsdarke Burnt Out Raiders Hunter Night Elf 15,765 2011-06-24 (Cata)
Seldarie for Horde Paladin Blood Elf 9,915 2011-08-07 (Cata)
Kalrol Black Phoenix Warrior Dwarf 16,360 2011-11-11 (Cata)
Swakky Blatant Disregard Shaman Orc 16,665 2011-12-08 (Cata)
Aelora Draconian Redemption Paladin Human 14,530 2012-02-07 (Cata)
Goentzel Arete Mage Night Elf 13,125 2012-02-08 (Cata)

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