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Улыбаемся и машем

Realm rank: 3
EU rank: 95
World rank: 126
Scanned members: 314
Insane members: 9
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Character Class Race Points Went Insane
Лаас Death Knight Orc 17,000 (Unknown)
Гинко Shaman Orc 15,580 (Unknown)
Конус Death Knight Blood Elf 16,880 (Unknown)
Мазер Druid Tauren 24,650 (Unknown)
Лесёна Death Knight Blood Elf 11,105 (Unknown)
Сихайя Druid Tauren 18,460 (Unknown)
Золтен Mage Goblin 16,330 2009-07-13 (WotLK)
Найсшот Hunter Orc 16,990 2009-09-06 (WotLK)
Резикс Priest Goblin 15,505 2011-06-05 (Cata)

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