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On this realm, 61 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 7
Paladin 8
Hunter 4
Rogue 4
Priest 4
Death Knight 5
Shaman 7
Mage 7
Warlock 6
Druid 9

By race

Human 18
Dwarf 7
Night Elf 10
Gnome 4
Draenei 3
Worgen 3
Orc 1
Undead 3
Tauren 2
Troll 3
Blood Elf 7
Goblin 0

By faction & expansion

Alliance 45
Horde 16
Early 41
WotLK 10
Cata 10
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Ecar TeamworkDK Warrior Human 19,165 (Unknown)
Iriv Evolved Mage Human 22,770 (Unknown)
Akkon The Grimm Reapers Shaman Dwarf 18,310 (Unknown)
Casso WE FEED ON YOUR TEARS Mage Gnome 14,705 (Unknown)
Dombo Orion Warlock Gnome 14,265 (Unknown)
Jhila World of Warcraft GONE Warlock Blood Elf 14,150 (Unknown)
Krazh The Old Guard Death Knight Human 13,150 (Unknown)
Nerys Iridescence Priest Night Elf 18,135 (Unknown)
Sharz Non Stop Disco Shaman Draenei 19,470 (Unknown)
Zeryk Fantasy Shaman Troll 24,505 (Unknown)
Akcope Supreme Legion Paladin Human 25,340 (Unknown)
Deagan Nemesis Hunter Dwarf 16,905 (Unknown)
Hallin Non Stop Disco Paladin Human 14,505 (Unknown)
Jakjak Materiem Death Knight Human 11,760 (Unknown)
Sajuri Chrocht Hunter Blood Elf 16,785 (Unknown)
Slaarg Tinkertown Mafia Warrior Human 13,935 (Unknown)
Zaxzar Supreme Legion Warlock Human 19,385 (Unknown)
Almenia Fantasy Rogue Blood Elf 23,095 (Unknown)
Azaline The Holy Warriors Warlock Human 12,980 (Unknown)
Desease Badguyalicious Druid Night Elf 6,240 (Unknown)
Kadriah Left Hand Path Paladin Blood Elf 16,225 (Unknown)
Monisek World of Warcraft GONE Shaman Troll 24,060 (Unknown)
Nicolka none Priest Human 18,160 (Unknown)
Paprika Foxtrot Oscar Shaman Dwarf 16,560 (Unknown)
Tanabar Ravenswing Priest Undead 18,910 (Unknown)
Edgefull Banana Revolution Warlock Undead 16,805 (Unknown)
Felixcat Ragnarok DK Hunter Night Elf 13,465 (Unknown)
Magdalen Chrocht Mage Undead 17,450 (Unknown)
Marysiue Memento Mori Mage Human 21,185 (Unknown)
Pheleone none Druid Night Elf 8,420 (Unknown)
Squippin Bankíng Makes You Blind Druid Worgen 13,695 (Unknown)
Fantamann GreatHorde Warrior Tauren 13,955 (Unknown)
Køllebob none Warrior Human 14,070 (Unknown)
Starprime Supreme Voodoo Paladin Blood Elf 13,955 (Unknown)
Frosticles Badguyalicious Mage Human 17,660 (Unknown)
Snakemajor Evolved Warrior Night Elf 22,045 (Unknown)
Gilghamessj Ye Olde Geezers Warrior Draenei 18,900 (Unknown)
Orkebolleke Guards of Thrall Hunter Orc 20,850 (Unknown)
Druidvandoom Highland Warriors Druid Night Elf 17,855 (Unknown)
Honeysucklé WolfGrowls Company Druid Night Elf 14,985 (Unknown)
Stonegrinder none Paladin Dwarf 13,710 (Unknown)
Knipsen WE FEED ON YOUR TEARS Priest Human 10,945 2009-06-08 (WotLK)
Arcia Battlestar Druid Worgen 13,785 2009-08-25 (WotLK)
Ryiah Lorem Ipsum Rogue Human 9,855 2009-10-31 (WotLK)
Simotoc Ankh Death Knight Night Elf 16,050 2010-06-27 (WotLK)
Alina Ambuscade Druid Night Elf 16,655 2010-07-12 (WotLK)
Lithirrdys Adrenaline Death Knight Worgen 15,225 2010-07-31 (WotLK)
Lightningsk No Results Found Shaman Draenei 12,875 2010-08-27 (WotLK)
Tsayuki EVOCATI Paladin Blood Elf 12,820 2010-09-05 (WotLK)
Deztruction The English Crusaders Druid Night Elf 8,655 2010-10-31 (WotLK)
Justindr TDT Coalition Druid Troll 7,965 2010-11-06 (WotLK)
Deathrattle Dragons Council Rogue Blood Elf 11,940 2010-12-04 (Cata)
Melodia Legion Of Dragons Warlock Gnome 13,810 2011-05-01 (Cata)
Ellsir Heart of Europe Mage Human 15,315 2011-06-09 (Cata)
Haztiv Horde Evolutions Paladin Tauren 11,890 2011-07-26 (Cata)
Krígli Tripartita Warrior Dwarf 7,295 2011-09-05 (Cata)
Strangemlg Memento Mori Paladin Human 12,560 2011-10-02 (Cata)
Sasmina Bring Back Killquests Shaman Dwarf 20,975 2011-10-11 (Cata)
Deathpurge the freedom Death Knight Dwarf 11,985 2011-11-05 (Cata)
Skeeve Guardian Angels Mage Human 21,915 2011-11-12 (Cata)
Frappie Highland Warriors Rogue Gnome 15,680 2012-02-08 (Cata)

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