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On this realm, 45 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 5
Paladin 5
Hunter 4
Rogue 7
Priest 5
Death Knight 4
Shaman 1
Mage 4
Warlock 3
Druid 7

By race

Human 9
Dwarf 2
Night Elf 14
Gnome 1
Draenei 1
Worgen 6
Orc 2
Undead 3
Tauren 1
Troll 1
Blood Elf 2
Goblin 3

By faction & expansion

Alliance 33
Horde 12
Early 32
WotLK 8
Cata 5
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Neyron i crit on my first date Death Knight Goblin 23,645 (Unknown)
Krtak Schall und Rauch Shaman Draenei 19,665 (Unknown)
Albine none Warlock Gnome 12,330 (Unknown)
Lorenz Total Annihilation Warrior Orc 19,120 (Unknown)
Magicduplo Dark and Twisted Mage Human 18,125 (Unknown)
Manexios THE KNIGHTS OF THE CROSS Mage Human 17,210 (Unknown)
Mauri Phönixasche Paladin Human 15,600 (Unknown)
Mûrdock LordAerons Erben Druid Worgen 21,695 (Unknown)
Nashredin none Rogue Blood Elf 13,935 (Unknown)
Nefertemus Blacklist Death Knight Night Elf 22,450 (Unknown)
Krym none Warlock Worgen 16,610 (Unknown)
Nullplan Night Conquers Day Hunter Night Elf 12,705 (Unknown)
Remliel Perpetuum Mobile Warrior Night Elf 24,430 (Unknown)
Seranna Pandaria Druid Night Elf 20,460 (Unknown)
Tasi Schnuff Paladin Human 8,960 (Unknown)
Tonat Schmerzbringer Death Knight Worgen 18,625 (Unknown)
Tyrr Schmerzbringer Warrior Night Elf 13,910 (Unknown)
Xis Zida ya Bündnis Druid Night Elf 15,315 (Unknown)
Zohjana Punisher Druid Night Elf 18,320 (Unknown)
Annywyn Indesertus Hunter Night Elf 19,150 (Unknown)
Heilkraft Tol Galad Priest Human 17,560 (Unknown)
Handwagen Obscura Luna Hunter Night Elf 21,400 (Unknown)
Garampf Schmerzbringer Warrior Night Elf 18,260 (Unknown)
Bertolomeus Obscura Luna Druid Night Elf 18,775 (Unknown)
Bloodyxmarry Twist of Fate Mage Human 17,565 (Unknown)
Edwîn Nao Ci Rogue Night Elf 23,145 (Unknown)
Dworfts Infernales Warrior Dwarf 17,260 (Unknown)
Durzo none Rogue Worgen 12,575 (Unknown)
Cerenia Schall und Rauch Priest Human 19,330 (Unknown)
Drusella Die verrückte Horde Priest Goblin 21,510 (Unknown)
Delorran Shadow Fighters Rogue Orc 18,290 (Unknown)
Keiki Schatten Drachen Druid Night Elf 17,745 (Unknown)
Demplar Gute Freunde Rogue Undead 14,910 2009-07-06 (WotLK)
Krasu Grande Mezzo Paladin Tauren 13,495 2010-04-04 (WotLK)
Dracuhl Blackrock Clan Warlock Undead 9,665 2010-06-27 (WotLK)
Fenómeno LordAerons Erben Priest Dwarf 18,980 2010-07-04 (WotLK)
Slata Das Schwarze Heer Death Knight Goblin 15,120 2010-07-04 (WotLK)
Shakà Infernales Hunter Worgen 20,355 2010-08-04 (WotLK)
Quixxan Wyld Stallyns Mage Human 19,775 2010-08-07 (WotLK)
Bamøida Blackrock Clan Rogue Undead 8,460 2010-10-31 (WotLK)
Rhowena Orden des Lichts Paladin Human 12,415 2010-12-05 (Cata)
Majestixtur Die gefallenen Engel Druid Night Elf 10,280 2011-02-06 (Cata)
Sanity Ashes of Phoenix Paladin Blood Elf 9,635 2011-04-02 (Cata)
Dschîn Ashes of Phoenix Priest Troll 12,155 2011-11-06 (Cata)
Dalaja Insert Scary Name Here Rogue Worgen 8,135 2011-11-19 (Cata)

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