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On this realm, 54 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 2
Paladin 4
Hunter 9
Rogue 10
Priest 7
Death Knight 6
Shaman 3
Mage 7
Warlock 3
Druid 3

By race

Human 8
Dwarf 4
Night Elf 7
Gnome 6
Draenei 8
Worgen 0
Orc 3
Undead 4
Tauren 1
Troll 0
Blood Elf 8
Goblin 4

By faction & expansion

Alliance 33
Horde 20
Early 40
WotLK 6
Cata 8
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Yepi Blacklisted Rogue Undead 17,375 (Unknown)
Chinh Consilium Mage Human 21,520 (Unknown)
Erbin Les Phoenix d Azeroth Mage Gnome 23,715 (Unknown)
Linne Skidbladnir Priest Night Elf 20,325 (Unknown)
Lulù La croisée des chemins Priest Night Elf 18,740 (Unknown)
Orcky Give me du lôve Hunter Orc 22,550 (Unknown)
Salya One Shot Priest Human 22,670 (Unknown)
Tinie Division Schyzo Paladin Human 11,270 (Unknown)
Wahla Legion Ardente Death Knight Draenei 18,745 (Unknown)
Aarona Reign of Nemesis Mage Blood Elf 17,130 (Unknown)
Mesuna none Hunter Draenei 23,575 (Unknown)
Ouazar Memories Warlock Human 18,415 (Unknown)
Anséis Affranchis Paladin Human 16,465 (Unknown)
Braxoor Sanitarium Hunter Orc 17,515 (Unknown)
Daëron Blacklisted Druid Tauren 24,285 (Unknown)
Elodine Les Phoenix d Azeroth Priest Dwarf 21,130 (Unknown)
Komodor Dawn Rogue Gnome 14,265 (Unknown)
Lenneth les batty foleurs Rogue Night Elf 18,225 (Unknown)
Mathaya Untamed Hunter Draenei 18,920 (Unknown)
Neurone Speed Rogue Undead 12,955 (Unknown)
Nourhä Reign of Nemesis Priest Goblin 18,170 (Unknown)
Nyamlap Blacklisted Paladin Blood Elf 15,070 (Unknown)
Paxmãn Reign of Nemesis Shaman Goblin 24,500 (Unknown)
Sickler nitroglycérhum Rogue Undead 19,835 (Unknown)
Veksler Reign of Nemesis Mage 21,115 (Unknown)
Vidhàr Reign of Nemesis Priest Goblin 18,605 (Unknown)
Apsunabu Mythologÿ Druid Night Elf 21,885 (Unknown)
Atanatar Authentique Mage Human 11,140 (Unknown)
Ezeikiel Stratège Paladin Blood Elf 12,065 (Unknown)
Milddrow Orion Mage Human 20,075 (Unknown)
Minimome Lux Semper Fidelis Warlock Gnome 20,770 (Unknown)
Toushiro Memories Hunter Dwarf 20,600 (Unknown)
Belgerane Dawn Mage Gnome 24,130 (Unknown)
Margronne Extrem Shaman Draenei 13,560 (Unknown)
Méfistos Nosgoth Death Knight Draenei 15,455 (Unknown)
Silmaryla elfuryia Warrior Night Elf 16,145 (Unknown)
Astronomik Les Phoenix d Azeroth Death Knight Draenei 22,660 (Unknown)
Nightladin Lux Semper Fidelis Hunter Night Elf 20,770 (Unknown)
Tessmaryla elfuryia Warlock Human 14,615 (Unknown)
Terpsichore Mythologÿ Druid Night Elf 21,895 (Unknown)
Stracciatela Apogée Hunter Blood Elf 13,875 2010-02-02 (WotLK)
Alßatar One Shot Rogue Gnome 15,575 2010-02-27 (WotLK)
Kevlaris les batty foleurs Shaman Draenei 12,040 2010-04-19 (WotLK)
Khand Minerva Rogue Dwarf 7,420 2010-05-16 (WotLK)
Iryn Reign of Nemesis Death Knight Blood Elf 18,340 2010-10-18 (WotLK)
Shinaïde Reign of Nemesis Hunter Goblin 13,860 2010-10-29 (WotLK)
Daexther Reign of Nemesis Rogue Blood Elf 13,185 2010-11-21 (Cata)
Calyphona Apogée Rogue Blood Elf 14,045 2011-01-05 (Cata)
Zeuh Ceredwen Warrior Dwarf 16,085 2011-03-09 (Cata)
Evâsion Neurosis Rogue Gnome 14,350 2011-04-02 (Cata)
Märcel Apogée Hunter Orc 2,840 2011-10-05 (Cata)
Volthas NSNL Death Knight Draenei 13,500 2012-01-02 (Cata)
Sôma Frøzen Ashes Priest Undead 11,940 2012-02-05 (Cata)
Homi Angrÿ Møb Death Knight Blood Elf 11,805 2012-02-06 (Cata)

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