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On this realm, 65 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 7
Paladin 8
Hunter 9
Rogue 4
Priest 8
Death Knight 2
Shaman 6
Mage 12
Warlock 5
Druid 4

By race

Human 17
Dwarf 3
Night Elf 7
Gnome 5
Draenei 3
Worgen 0
Orc 4
Undead 4
Tauren 6
Troll 4
Blood Elf 9
Goblin 2

By faction & expansion

Alliance 35
Horde 29
Early 51
WotLK 7
Cata 7
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Rastafarii Bovine Intervention Shaman Troll 20,055 (Unknown)
Hum Elysium Shaman Draenei 11,650 (Unknown)
Ildi Grand Theft Mount Hunter Night Elf 17,225 (Unknown)
Kejun Memento Warrior Dwarf 10,970 (Unknown)
Lianndrin Zero to Hero Hunter Night Elf 20,380 (Unknown)
Lowick Imperium Mage Gnome 17,455 (Unknown)
Mageywagey The Sacred Knights Mage Human 11,435 (Unknown)
Mosselman Bovine Intervention Priest Blood Elf 22,710 (Unknown)
Mumraa GRIM Mage 19,630 (Unknown)
Nastydogi Karma Priest Undead 11,685 (Unknown)
Nearchus Imperium Mage Human 21,320 (Unknown)
Nefrytka Danse Macabre Priest Human 20,410 (Unknown)
Neraya Sandcastle Paladin Human 20,135 (Unknown)
Plunge Part Time CMs Warrior Blood Elf 20,345 (Unknown)
Quag Flawless Druid Tauren 16,925 (Unknown)
Katharna NICE Mage Gnome 16,855 (Unknown)
Rosiline Ominous Latin Name Druid Tauren 11,060 (Unknown)
Roygbiv Fronds Mage Undead 16,200 (Unknown)
Shadowsoul Converge Warlock Gnome 14,545 (Unknown)
Shir Evil Druid Night Elf 21,895 (Unknown)
Soifon Synergy Rogue Human 17,320 (Unknown)
Soulhammer Style Paladin Human 25,030 (Unknown)
Stoobie Horde Warlords Warrior Goblin 14,680 (Unknown)
Tinypri NICE Priest Dwarf 22,110 (Unknown)
Uzzy NICE Hunter Human 11,715 (Unknown)
Valhalan Converge Rogue Night Elf 22,380 (Unknown)
Xezthra Schindlers Fist Warlock Gnome 18,325 (Unknown)
Yozzy Sadistic Shaman Draenei 16,735 (Unknown)
Zochwar Commitment Issues Warrior Orc 19,225 (Unknown)
Deathgiver Flawless Warlock Undead 22,500 (Unknown)
Akataliptos GRIM Rogue Orc 16,335 (Unknown)
Allice NICE Mage Human 10,810 (Unknown)
Arhaon none Hunter Night Elf 12,710 (Unknown)
Asteroth Bovine Intervention Warrior Tauren 22,470 (Unknown)
Bifrozt NICE Mage Draenei 15,315 (Unknown)
Blackknight Neurosis Mage Human 17,385 (Unknown)
Ccooper Fellowship of the Ring Hunter Blood Elf 15,585 (Unknown)
Cesilje Imperium Priest Human 18,650 (Unknown)
Hordhunter The Grateful Dead Priest Gnome 16,270 (Unknown)
Debona Danse Macabre Mage Human 22,425 (Unknown)
Dolphdk Imperium Mage Human 15,770 (Unknown)
Dragonarcher The Good Vibe Raiders Mage Undead 16,290 (Unknown)
Epiphany Ominous Latin Name Priest Blood Elf 16,020 (Unknown)
Himmiko Horde Warlords Shaman Goblin 21,900 (Unknown)
Hellfinger none Warlock Human 18,940 (Unknown)
Hallucinatio Part Time CMs Hunter Blood Elf 25,000 (Unknown)
Galdim Hordish Pasties Shaman Troll 15,375 (Unknown)
Elfitzer Synergy Hunter Night Elf 13,645 (Unknown)
Estalianta Tragically Optimistic Warlock Orc 19,390 (Unknown)
Freezetusk The Dark Legion Death Knight Troll 14,400 (Unknown)
Frankie Bovine Intervention Paladin Blood Elf 15,520 (Unknown)
Cirion Covenant Paladin Human 11,400 2009-05-19 (WotLK)
Snowstorm Spiritus Sanctum Hunter Night Elf 8,745 2009-08-19 (WotLK)
Gheed Paradigm Paladin Tauren 10,935 2010-01-16 (WotLK)
Darkkangel Bankatron Rogue Blood Elf 14,395 2010-03-06 (WotLK)
Colossal Core Carnage Warrior Dwarf 12,015 2010-03-17 (WotLK)
Qrrgll Detonate Hunter Orc 13,840 2010-07-03 (WotLK)
Mirro Ominous Latin Name Paladin Blood Elf 14,715 2010-11-03 (WotLK)
Jerryry Nova Warrior Human 11,195 2011-02-12 (Cata)
Chinesechef Aavikkolaiva Death Knight Blood Elf 16,710 2011-08-06 (Cata)
Xtramuscle none Paladin Tauren 16,220 2011-09-08 (Cata)
Subinagui Covenant Paladin Human 10,160 2011-10-12 (Cata)
Rynod IMP Druid Tauren 6,160 2011-11-27 (Cata)
Alanne Imperium Priest Human 15,555 2011-12-05 (Cata)
Abraxiss Ominous Latin Name Shaman Troll 9,985 2012-02-07 (Cata)

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