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Dun Modr

On this realm, 47 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 4
Paladin 10
Hunter 3
Rogue 3
Priest 5
Death Knight 2
Shaman 3
Mage 7
Warlock 4
Druid 6

By race

Human 16
Dwarf 3
Night Elf 5
Gnome 5
Draenei 9
Worgen 6
Orc 0
Undead 0
Tauren 0
Troll 0
Blood Elf 0
Goblin 0

By faction & expansion

Alliance 44
Horde 0
Early 39
WotLK 5
Cata 3
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Rink shin guild Warlock Gnome 23,780 (Unknown)
Lhynz none Rogue 14,370 (Unknown)
Naikelea Another Try Hunter Draenei 17,255 (Unknown)
Nîrvana Hey naggah Hey men Paladin Draenei 24,155 (Unknown)
Omegalight shin guild Paladin Human 25,100 (Unknown)
Padmê Tsunamî Hunter Draenei 12,375 (Unknown)
Pánorámix Arañas y Heroes Druid Night Elf 15,425 (Unknown)
Phunos Insomnio Warrior Dwarf 21,100 (Unknown)
Plexia Hey naggah Hey men Priest Draenei 21,010 (Unknown)
Puchuchu none Mage Worgen 21,990 (Unknown)
Qkgarcia Karma Death Knight Worgen 14,290 (Unknown)
Amønshy Not Afraid Paladin Human 22,395 (Unknown)
Ryka Destinos Cruzados Shaman Draenei 21,905 (Unknown)
Sanxez Arañas y Heroes Paladin Human 18,220 (Unknown)
Saturas Sons of NS Paladin Draenei 16,945 (Unknown)
Sheyki Nebelpfade Druid Night Elf 13,000 (Unknown)
Sorbete FUEGO SAGRADO Rogue Gnome 23,225 (Unknown)
Theangel Chaos Theory Warlock Human 23,235 (Unknown)
Thestrange OMG Quien ha puleado Warlock Human 18,140 (Unknown)
Valkorz Dreamwalkers Mage Worgen 20,535 (Unknown)
Xenius Disband Death Knight Human 16,920 (Unknown)
Xîva PvP Ratted Shaman Draenei 21,975 (Unknown)
Dânä Chaos Theory Mage Human 22,545 (Unknown)
Afurikane REPUBLICA Warrior Human 18,570 (Unknown)
Ardias DeathWing Mage Human 17,750 (Unknown)
Arëusa Endivia Hunter 18,255 (Unknown)
Athron Dreamwalkers Warrior Human 25,555 (Unknown)
Awakike Wolfsbane Druid Night Elf 21,310 (Unknown)
Balky La Guardia Phoenix Warrior Worgen 15,470 (Unknown)
Bloodcristie Insane Shaman Draenei 20,710 (Unknown)
César Ignis Paladin Dwarf 14,295 (Unknown)
Darklobo XII GnØmØs Mage Human 22,625 (Unknown)
Dvarte Nobleza Priest Human 18,365 (Unknown)
Eloïse Dreamwalkers Priest 22,085 (Unknown)
Gladiatorxar Vengeance Paladin Human 21,895 (Unknown)
Harêx DOOM Mage Gnome 24,720 (Unknown)
Haridian Winds of Fury Paladin Human 18,530 (Unknown)
Kaerys Narcolepsia Rogue Human 14,795 (Unknown)
Karcayú Wolfsbane Druid Night Elf 12,845 (Unknown)
Nuvols Last Breath Priest Human 19,890 2009-06-09 (WotLK)
Mixtick Zero Tolerance Mage Gnome 11,460 2009-10-13 (WotLK)
Antheroth WarZone Warlock Worgen 17,370 2009-12-18 (WotLK)
Apéles Insomnio Priest Gnome 13,480 2010-08-04 (WotLK)
Krelit Bagauda Druid Worgen 17,270 2010-11-05 (WotLK)
Txara Comandos de Oasis Paladin Draenei 14,390 2011-03-06 (Cata)
Dosdits YKZ Paladin Dwarf 12,275 2011-09-10 (Cata)
Whiker Sangre de Hierro Druid Night Elf 20,505 2012-01-09 (Cata)

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