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On this realm, 80 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 5
Paladin 11
Hunter 6
Rogue 6
Priest 15
Death Knight 5
Shaman 2
Mage 11
Warlock 5
Druid 14

By race

Human 1
Dwarf 0
Night Elf 0
Gnome 1
Draenei 1
Worgen 1
Orc 15
Undead 17
Tauren 13
Troll 11
Blood Elf 18
Goblin 2

By faction & expansion

Alliance 4
Horde 76
Early 67
WotLK 3
Cata 10
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Piklos Legion de Muerte Druid Tauren 13,395 (Unknown)
Rihanna Ordo Invictorum Priest Blood Elf 17,895 (Unknown)
Rexxim Cursed Corpses Paladin Tauren 21,675 (Unknown)
Redbox Horseman Of Death Paladin Tauren 13,310 (Unknown)
Rangshada none Shaman Troll 18,965 (Unknown)
Ramsey Ladies First Hunter Orc 23,785 (Unknown)
Qery PRIDE Paladin Blood Elf 15,385 (Unknown)
Pucek Goodbye Kitty Warlock Undead 24,135 (Unknown)
Prst Ladies First Priest Undead 16,045 (Unknown)
Porksoda Darksajd Shaman Orc 16,450 (Unknown)
Sarrinka Disbanded Druid Troll 18,330 (Unknown)
Olihen Ladies First Mage Troll 19,715 (Unknown)
Nyuu Black Division Rogue Undead 14,810 (Unknown)
Nonormal Eternal Shadows Druid Worgen 19,830 (Unknown)
Nethery Ladies First Hunter Orc 17,515 (Unknown)
Nefrith No Words Mage Undead 18,325 (Unknown)
Nayana Raid Three Death Knight Draenei 18,815 (Unknown)
Naix Raid Three Paladin Human 12,030 (Unknown)
Mongoldz D I V E R S I T Y Druid Tauren 22,930 (Unknown)
Söra Royal Hackers Hunter Blood Elf 20,455 (Unknown)
Winetoustick Reality is Overrated Priest Undead 23,285 (Unknown)
Vejr Bloodforged Death Knight Orc 23,615 (Unknown)
Ugurugurug Outcasts Warrior Orc 17,685 (Unknown)
Tyrkysovej CESKE CHLEVY A MARNICE Druid Tauren 10,860 (Unknown)
Truegurtha Night Raiders Druid Tauren 13,130 (Unknown)
Trixer Embody Mage Troll 23,910 (Unknown)
Toshinka Hard Fusion Priest Blood Elf 19,320 (Unknown)
Theexorcist none Priest Undead 18,680 (Unknown)
Tammar Oh My No Priest Goblin 17,885 (Unknown)
Nargoroth none Druid Tauren 21,225 (Unknown)
Smrttka Tangled Wire Death Knight Blood Elf 14,845 (Unknown)
Sinndor none Mage Undead 21,860 (Unknown)
Sinclair DreadKnights Priest Undead 12,370 (Unknown)
Shiory Ladies First Priest Blood Elf 24,015 (Unknown)
Shaoran Deep Thunder Hunter Orc 15,395 (Unknown)
Shankee none Rogue Troll 9,905 (Unknown)
Seedah Deep Thunder Mage Goblin 19,470 (Unknown)
Scatha none Rogue Orc 21,405 (Unknown)
Calebz Status Quo Priest Undead 18,485 (Unknown)
Darxex Apocalypso Druid Tauren 18,985 (Unknown)
Darkspeaker Crows Priest Troll 20,150 (Unknown)
Dais Deep Thunder Warrior Undead 18,030 (Unknown)
Coraine Ladies First Druid Troll 23,410 (Unknown)
Clark Social Group Company SGC Rogue Undead 24,435 (Unknown)
Cerras Ladies First Priest Blood Elf 14,710 (Unknown)
Carymary none Mage Troll 20,950 (Unknown)
Cannabisoff none Mage Orc 15,355 (Unknown)
Darkpetr JZD Chvojkovice Brod Warrior Orc 15,155 (Unknown)
Berserkfury Void Stalker Warrior Orc 24,180 (Unknown)
Bastule Paradox Warlock Undead 23,925 (Unknown)
Babbajagga Guards of Alliance Warlock Gnome 8,835 (Unknown)
Avgha Darksajd Priest Troll 20,920 (Unknown)
Assakornea Andílci Rogue Blood Elf 17,455 (Unknown)
Alivio Legion de Muerte Priest Blood Elf 9,930 (Unknown)
Alexstrassa Deep Thunder Paladin Blood Elf 18,290 (Unknown)
Jasemlol Tangled Wire Paladin Blood Elf 16,630 (Unknown)
Lotra JAPAN DOG Rogue Blood Elf 18,160 (Unknown)
Knubbka Kyberia Mage Undead 15,355 (Unknown)
Kiznoh none Mage Undead 9,070 (Unknown)
Kagei Deep Thunder Warlock Undead 14,030 (Unknown)
Joshcz Proper Gaming Warrior Orc 18,160 (Unknown)
Jajik MosstrooperS Mage Troll 23,840 (Unknown)
Jäck Absinth Power Priest Undead 12,110 (Unknown)
Ghostheal none Paladin Blood Elf 19,485 (Unknown)
Emptybottle Castaway Warlock Blood Elf 13,250 (Unknown)
Duri M Y T H Paladin Blood Elf 22,405 (Unknown)
Dogtooth Ladies First Druid Tauren 24,340 (Unknown)
Chaoscz Wings of darkness Hunter Orc 21,795 2010-05-15 (WotLK)
Braxxus Apocalypso Druid Tauren 12,240 2010-07-31 (WotLK)
Subhoofer Tangled Wire Death Knight Orc 14,730 2010-09-07 (WotLK)
Shamot Valion Hunter Orc 11,900 2010-12-04 (Cata)
Kofî Shadow of the Past Priest Troll 12,400 2010-12-05 (Cata)
Meresiev Remedy Paladin Blood Elf 12,955 2011-02-06 (Cata)
Iluvada Horde Butchers Paladin Blood Elf 9,150 2011-03-07 (Cata)
Tempist DreadKnights Paladin Blood Elf 13,365 2011-04-12 (Cata)
Nayr Ira Dei Druid Tauren 10,290 2011-04-13 (Cata)
Archmagex Sentina Mage Undead 15,470 2011-09-04 (Cata)
Deathwarp Nuevos Death Knight Orc 15,010 2011-10-01 (Cata)
Absit Fury Within Druid Tauren 3,730 2011-10-09 (Cata)
Dejwill none Druid Tauren 7,295 2012-01-07 (Cata)

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