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On this realm, 46 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 2
Paladin 6
Hunter 4
Rogue 9
Priest 9
Death Knight 1
Shaman 4
Mage 4
Warlock 4
Druid 3

By race

Human 1
Dwarf 0
Night Elf 1
Gnome 0
Draenei 0
Worgen 0
Orc 5
Undead 9
Tauren 8
Troll 7
Blood Elf 12
Goblin 2

By faction & expansion

Alliance 2
Horde 43
Early 35
WotLK 4
Cata 7
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Eöl Blasfemia Paladin Blood Elf 18,010 (Unknown)
Xuky Deshi Basara Warlock Goblin 15,265 (Unknown)
Bucos none Priest Undead 20,445 (Unknown)
Dryon Rutz Mage Troll 14,210 (Unknown)
Enoch Kitty Pew Pew Mage Undead 16,650 (Unknown)
Kemø Summon de Naranja Rogue Blood Elf 18,515 (Unknown)
Loanz Héroes Olvidados Priest Blood Elf 19,020 (Unknown)
Pixxy True Command Paladin Blood Elf 18,885 (Unknown)
Ulaia Attain it Mage Blood Elf 19,195 (Unknown)
Wypno Hijos Del Caos Rogue Troll 14,330 (Unknown)
Aterus Escuela de oficios Priest Blood Elf 15,345 (Unknown)
Dincht none Druid Tauren 22,465 (Unknown)
Etxebe No me pises lo fregao Warrior Orc 23,365 (Unknown)
Hilâl none Priest Blood Elf 11,915 (Unknown)
Luisom none Paladin Tauren 20,950 (Unknown)
Padmé none Shaman Troll 10,520 (Unknown)
Argosth Everlasting Pain Warrior Tauren 12,300 (Unknown)
Avatár MÆSTRIA Warlock Orc 22,725 (Unknown)
Bakaret Rune Mage Undead 25,210 (Unknown)
Gatitoh Meyo Bushido Druid Tauren 17,805 (Unknown)
Marianh Zakarun Priest Undead 25,145 (Unknown)
Pachino La Horda de Vol jin Shaman Orc 19,640 (Unknown)
Shadala none Paladin Blood Elf 10,565 (Unknown)
Yiazmat Arrakis Hunter Tauren 24,380 (Unknown)
Collones Fillos de Breogan Rogue Orc 16,720 (Unknown)
Lideadha Heimdals Hær Priest Night Elf 6,555 (Unknown)
Minskita ZoNe of Fight Rogue Troll 10,660 (Unknown)
Nasimuga OMG MOM IS ON FIRE Hunter Troll 14,355 (Unknown)
Pasplán none Priest Undead 13,000 (Unknown)
Tørakø Ignition Shaman Tauren 23,795 (Unknown)
Unirocks Noth Priest Blood Elf 23,155 (Unknown)
Isilmeriel Al Fir Darrig Warlock Goblin 17,245 (Unknown)
Madmakaman Titan Raiders Rogue Undead 13,640 (Unknown)
Sanguinius God mode Rogue Undead 10,520 (Unknown)
Darkkanimal EES Hunter Tauren 25,015 (Unknown)
Nootka LØsTeRciØs Hunter Blood Elf 16,335 (Unknown)
Breinzast Infiniti Rogue Troll 18,830 2010-06-09 (WotLK)
Sönna Command fifty one Priest Undead 11,340 2010-09-13 (WotLK)
Iunyt Sublime Shaman 14,315 2010-10-30 (WotLK)
Orochi Muerte subita Rogue Undead 13,120 2010-11-02 (WotLK)
Lôve Rune Paladin Blood Elf 14,705 2011-07-05 (Cata)
Turthalion Inventory Full Druid Tauren 9,045 2011-08-06 (Cata)
Ixnayz none Rogue Troll 13,890 2011-12-07 (Cata)
Erinrralor Rue del Percebe Warlock Orc 14,835 2012-01-02 (Cata)
Gurruchaga Gate of deaD Paladin Blood Elf 9,440 2012-01-07 (Cata)
Ærendil NothingToLose Death Knight Human 13,490 2012-02-05 (Cata)

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