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Burning Legion

On this realm, 95 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 9
Paladin 19
Hunter 8
Rogue 8
Priest 16
Death Knight 4
Shaman 5
Mage 7
Warlock 9
Druid 10

By race

Human 12
Dwarf 3
Night Elf 14
Gnome 2
Draenei 5
Worgen 4
Orc 9
Undead 6
Tauren 9
Troll 8
Blood Elf 15
Goblin 7

By faction & expansion

Alliance 40
Horde 54
Early 69
WotLK 13
Cata 13
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Fey none Paladin Blood Elf 21,590 (Unknown)
Atö Advanced Fear Priest Blood Elf 16,205 (Unknown)
Bury Signum Mage Goblin 20,295 (Unknown)
Dzak Will of Vengeance Shaman Orc 18,260 (Unknown)
Jaho Barbarzyncy Rogue Goblin 23,075 (Unknown)
Muci Tomcats Paladin Draenei 19,340 (Unknown)
Quri Maiori Cede Hunter Night Elf 19,820 (Unknown)
Vyku TnT Warlock Orc 24,525 (Unknown)
Wane Rubaszne Rabarbary Druid Troll 13,010 (Unknown)
Adrux none Paladin Blood Elf 23,035 (Unknown)
Ashek Ultimate Destiny Warlock Human 16,875 (Unknown)
Daeya ELDERZ Priest Night Elf 15,645 (Unknown)
Darko Drama Theory Warrior Blood Elf 22,020 (Unknown)
Doyle Phoeníx Paladin Blood Elf 18,450 (Unknown)
Esiek Primori Morte Warrior Human 12,140 (Unknown)
Freeb none Paladin Human 11,010 (Unknown)
Kolaj New Order Priest Undead 19,445 (Unknown)
Megri none Paladin Tauren 18,990 (Unknown)
Melar The Bridgeburners Warlock Orc 12,550 (Unknown)
Rasil Wipe Druid Tauren 19,310 (Unknown)
Seciq The Betrayers Warlock Gnome 8,695 (Unknown)
Trink Maiori Cede Priest Dwarf 19,625 (Unknown)
Yebob N E R D Paladin Blood Elf 16,680 (Unknown)
Zatto Last Word Rogue Goblin 23,240 (Unknown)
Aelwen Nobility Rogue Night Elf 11,400 (Unknown)
Dzimmi Time is Mana Warlock Orc 22,955 (Unknown)
Farlii HallOfFame Paladin Draenei 16,875 (Unknown)
Floone Misplaced Shaman Troll 25,370 (Unknown)
Lompak The Tempest Rogue Night Elf 19,945 (Unknown)
Mansha none Shaman Orc 14,460 (Unknown)
Methos MayContainNuts Warlock Human 13,130 (Unknown)
Milcky Nothing Personal Druid Tauren 12,695 (Unknown)
Ploplo Bloodlust Warrior Tauren 17,085 (Unknown)
Shivae NCC Rogue Undead 20,530 (Unknown)
Souloo theDust Priest Tauren 22,660 (Unknown)
Tenqoo Ultimate Destiny Priest Human 13,925 (Unknown)
Winiar Bellatoris Priest Worgen 20,155 (Unknown)
Xargor none Priest Undead 12,635 (Unknown)
Akatash none Death Knight Orc 16,485 (Unknown)
Canthar Altercation Shaman Troll 21,730 (Unknown)
Elienai Story of my life Rogue Night Elf 21,645 (Unknown)
Marceli Emerald Sea Rogue Orc 13,995 (Unknown)
Matekfx Hypnosis Warrior Tauren 21,210 (Unknown)
Niccoll Exsul Druid Night Elf 19,000 (Unknown)
Nosgoth Accidentally Paladin Blood Elf 18,240 (Unknown)
Portnoy Serenata Immortale Warrior Human 23,375 (Unknown)
Rubbér Bellatoris Warlock Gnome 12,445 (Unknown)
Xiodric I TnT I Mage Undead 16,000 (Unknown)
Achilion The Vision Warrior Tauren 18,235 (Unknown)
Colander Exsul Paladin Human 17,040 (Unknown)
Darkvish Barbarzyncy Paladin Blood Elf 22,650 (Unknown)
Dramekus Absynt Priest Human 22,560 (Unknown)
Kurozuka Legíon of Doom Hunter Troll 14,825 (Unknown)
Letrommi Grizzly Hills Priest Blood Elf 24,035 (Unknown)
Mártini Guild of Nox Druid Worgen 18,195 (Unknown)
Oakraven Barbarzyncy Paladin Blood Elf 22,775 (Unknown)
Siersciu BAFANGOO Paladin Human 19,140 (Unknown)
Traconis Independent Death Knight Goblin 16,245 (Unknown)
Ashadonre SÄME KATY Paladin Blood Elf 16,840 (Unknown)
Beledorus Circle of Nine Death Knight Goblin 18,090 (Unknown)
Blackfuri Maiori Cede Hunter Night Elf 24,480 (Unknown)
Headstyle PathFinders Shaman 22,995 (Unknown)
Mashinata SupernaturalS Hunter Dwarf 14,435 (Unknown)
Symulacja Phoeníx Paladin Blood Elf 25,200 (Unknown)
Centaconde Serenata Immortale Druid Night Elf 21,645 (Unknown)
Chojraczek Error Code Paladin Blood Elf 23,730 (Unknown)
Arctictouch Tassun Alla Mage Troll 15,510 (Unknown)
Manipulacja Quenya Priest Blood Elf 20,200 (Unknown)
Revolutione none Warlock Undead 15,300 (Unknown)
Ghytaogg The Redemption Priest Night Elf 13,770 2009-11-07 (WotLK)
Aarwen Tomcats Druid Night Elf 20,150 2009-12-05 (WotLK)
Hessu Hypnosis Warrior Tauren 20,975 2009-12-06 (WotLK)
Arhprie Despectum Priest Worgen 17,450 2010-01-24 (WotLK)
Foonter Existencee Hunter Night Elf 12,825 2010-02-02 (WotLK)
Deaignis moira Mage Draenei 13,555 2010-04-29 (WotLK)
Atryd Circle of Nine Mage Goblin 14,765 2010-06-06 (WotLK)
Fireicen Rebelion Paladin Dwarf 13,050 2010-07-20 (WotLK)
Losiv none Warrior Orc 6,240 2010-08-02 (WotLK)
Robercik Ultimate Destiny Warlock Human 11,790 2010-08-18 (WotLK)
Coolen BrygadaPapySmerfa Druid Tauren 13,870 2010-10-02 (WotLK)
Liljanek No Future Druid Troll 14,560 2010-10-15 (WotLK)
Silvereq none Hunter Orc 13,040 2010-10-30 (WotLK)
Dögg tauren ate my grandma Druid Night Elf 11,455 2010-11-23 (Cata)
Kitiaramatar Innominate Priest Goblin 15,215 2010-12-05 (Cata)
Kohoke Primori Morte Rogue Night Elf 13,920 2011-04-08 (Cata)
Ogienn Angels of Death Mage Troll 6,335 2011-05-16 (Cata)
Laram eia Paladin Draenei 13,840 2011-07-03 (Cata)
Leonira DLD Priest Draenei 12,105 2011-07-04 (Cata)
Yggdrassill Independent Hunter Troll 17,615 2011-10-08 (Cata)
Amria Cruor Nex Mage Undead 13,660 2011-11-11 (Cata)
Anqelica Exsul Warrior Human 14,795 2011-11-15 (Cata)
Szwarzzeine Dräma Theory Paladin Human 20,850 2011-12-09 (Cata)
Razorknight Previously Guildless Death Knight Night Elf 19,585 2012-01-03 (Cata)
Nutters Tomcats Hunter Worgen 15,155 2012-02-09 (Cata)
Pieknielecz Advanced Fear Priest Blood Elf 20,315 2012-02-14 (Cata)

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