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On this realm, 49 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 4
Paladin 6
Hunter 5
Rogue 2
Priest 6
Death Knight 2
Shaman 4
Mage 8
Warlock 5
Druid 7

By race

Human 23
Dwarf 1
Night Elf 6
Gnome 4
Draenei 6
Worgen 3
Orc 0
Undead 0
Tauren 1
Troll 2
Blood Elf 3
Goblin 0

By faction & expansion

Alliance 43
Horde 6
Early 42
WotLK 4
Cata 3
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Sílchas Awakening Mage Gnome 21,500 (Unknown)
Abraracuriks The Elders Warlock Gnome 19,310 (Unknown)
Naushika Reincarnation Warrior Human 17,085 (Unknown)
Otta Serenity Druid Night Elf 17,285 (Unknown)
Pawar none Warrior Dwarf 22,485 (Unknown)
Posyhov PathFinders Shaman Draenei 19,215 (Unknown)
Primebeef Slackers INC II Warrior Tauren 15,160 (Unknown)
Raybarboni Nosferatum Mage Troll 14,860 (Unknown)
Rollan The Blue Oyster Band Paladin Human 18,000 (Unknown)
Salarakas Entropy Druid Night Elf 16,465 (Unknown)
Samaal Chimera Mage Human 11,520 (Unknown)
Silant The Belonging Kind Rogue Human 20,905 (Unknown)
Naloa Moribus Adultus Druid Night Elf 21,165 (Unknown)
Spacemage Divined Mage Draenei 17,355 (Unknown)
Sylio The Elite Squad Hunter Human 16,685 (Unknown)
Taeril The Elite Squad Paladin Human 21,695 (Unknown)
Twotiger Reincarnation Paladin Human 15,235 (Unknown)
Ultraseal none Paladin Human 16,985 (Unknown)
Urgakh PathFinders Shaman Draenei 19,560 (Unknown)
Vogaumtar Svenska Krigare Druid Worgen 14,955 (Unknown)
Whatwasthat Fatal Hilarity Hunter Troll 14,430 (Unknown)
Wilgore Entropy Shaman Draenei 13,705 (Unknown)
Yrick Reincarnation Paladin Human 17,285 (Unknown)
Fluxoz Pandemic Hunter Blood Elf 21,900 (Unknown)
Andastra Nightwish Mage Human 17,185 (Unknown)
Asari Slackers INC II Priest Blood Elf 15,455 (Unknown)
Astralka PathFinders Hunter Worgen 16,065 (Unknown)
Bahrissa Fatal Hilarity Paladin Blood Elf 23,235 (Unknown)
Eidelweiss Divined Mage Human 21,015 (Unknown)
Elientralla Awakening Shaman Draenei 17,230 (Unknown)
Ellithor Moribus Adultus Mage Human 19,800 (Unknown)
Endimle Moribus Adultus Warrior Human 21,395 (Unknown)
Exsilium Divined Hunter Draenei 21,970 (Unknown)
Mikki Chimera Priest Human 20,385 (Unknown)
Héavenleigh The Burning Blade Priest Human 9,105 (Unknown)
Himotep The Scholars of Light Warlock Human 18,440 (Unknown)
Imagined Reincarnation Warlock Human 22,160 (Unknown)
Lockwolfnl Serenity Warlock Gnome 20,900 (Unknown)
Lucio Shadows of Darkness Warlock Human 16,910 (Unknown)
Maceo Money Makers Inc Priest Human 16,645 (Unknown)
Maximussa Reincarnation Druid Worgen 17,660 (Unknown)
Miauww Divined Priest Night Elf 24,065 (Unknown)
Jolbo Awakening Rogue Human 13,475 2009-12-09 (WotLK)
Tinyblues Cartoon Heroes Mage Gnome 15,000 2010-02-11 (WotLK)
Pietzor The Scholars of Light Priest Human 11,610 2010-09-06 (WotLK)
Cyberdudu Cartoon Heroes Druid Night Elf 13,125 2010-11-07 (WotLK)
Díabolos Entropy Death Knight Human 10,865 2011-03-20 (Cata)
Krwâwy none Death Knight Human 18,450 2012-01-21 (Cata)
Pìxèl Crescent Dawn Druid Night Elf 12,070 2012-01-25 (Cata)

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