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On this realm, 61 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 5
Paladin 7
Hunter 4
Rogue 4
Priest 16
Death Knight 1
Shaman 6
Mage 6
Warlock 4
Druid 8

By race

Human 11
Dwarf 2
Night Elf 10
Gnome 3
Draenei 3
Worgen 2
Orc 6
Undead 7
Tauren 5
Troll 5
Blood Elf 4
Goblin 1

By faction & expansion

Alliance 31
Horde 28
Early 45
WotLK 6
Cata 10
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Pumo Unchained Priest Troll 20,075 (Unknown)
Ramm rephleX Death Knight Orc 16,725 (Unknown)
Banja Nope Warrior Tauren 20,415 (Unknown)
Creev Inhume Warrior Tauren 16,655 (Unknown)
Dsôn Tornado Jericho Paladin Human 17,985 (Unknown)
Exani Furia Shaman Draenei 23,190 (Unknown)
Faile Tempest Legends Hunter Night Elf 20,215 (Unknown)
Heini Die Namenlosen Hunter Orc 22,570 (Unknown)
Medic Tempest Legends Priest Human 19,540 (Unknown)
Ongel Hope n Despair Shaman Troll 24,630 (Unknown)
Shana ChaosPoebel Priest Troll 13,290 (Unknown)
Aroane Claws of Death Paladin Blood Elf 17,025 (Unknown)
Brause rephleX Rogue Undead 19,495 (Unknown)
Jaunty Infamous Druid Night Elf 23,265 (Unknown)
Kalama Exercitus Priest Troll 13,220 (Unknown)
Mirius In Love Warlock Undead 20,885 (Unknown)
Shoney Grimblade Druid Tauren 16,815 (Unknown)
Talmai Begleiter von Talmai Shaman Goblin 19,690 (Unknown)
Tesser Tornado Jericho Paladin Human 21,700 (Unknown)
Gomabad Rotschild Mage Human 14,125 (Unknown)
Harkhon Furia Paladin Dwarf 20,440 (Unknown)
Hauwech Club der dichten Denker Warrior Tauren 17,900 (Unknown)
Lenyana Decuria Druid Night Elf 14,765 (Unknown)
Okkrina Varied Shaman Orc 24,220 (Unknown)
Schurik Erben der Proudmoors EDP Druid Night Elf 13,665 (Unknown)
Slygore Darkest Dream Hunter 16,315 (Unknown)
Alstosia Rotschild Mage Human 14,995 (Unknown)
Côlleen La Famîlîa Mage Blood Elf 22,530 (Unknown)
Darvinia none Priest Night Elf 23,580 (Unknown)
Hambohne Infamous Paladin Human 20,245 (Unknown)
Menière Sanguine Priest Undead 18,995 (Unknown)
Neabsera A Dying Wish Priest Undead 19,490 (Unknown)
Testerem nothing personal Warlock Undead 17,290 (Unknown)
Alathriel Golden Kaan Druid Night Elf 13,325 (Unknown)
Darthsven Solaris Mage Gnome 18,845 (Unknown)
Harzerrof Nope Shaman Orc 20,865 (Unknown)
Katsuhiro none Paladin Human 20,140 (Unknown)
Shekabuki none Priest Night Elf 13,900 (Unknown)
Treskavka Inhume Shaman Orc 23,360 (Unknown)
Fiftysands Broken Bunnies Priest Night Elf 20,580 (Unknown)
Loveliness Die Gummibärenbande Druid Night Elf 13,660 (Unknown)
Madmachine none Warrior Orc 15,865 (Unknown)
Naturepice Decuria Druid Night Elf 22,780 (Unknown)
Blackhazard Vengeance Mage Draenei 15,595 (Unknown)
Sulfasalazin Thunderstorm Warlock Gnome 14,140 (Unknown)
Tama Tempest Legends Priest Gnome 14,590 2010-03-03 (WotLK)
Kagbuhnia none Warrior Human 13,410 2010-05-08 (WotLK)
Gna Doom Loop Priest Worgen 14,195 2010-09-04 (WotLK)
Rajafin Polytoxikomanie Rogue Troll 11,445 2010-09-07 (WotLK)
Frungel AvengerS Rogue Blood Elf 14,295 2010-09-10 (WotLK)
Âlkayu Pulse Mage 15,280 2010-11-06 (WotLK)
Sturmmonster Brandsatz Priest Undead 12,880 2010-12-05 (Cata)
Degathor Tempest Legends Priest Dwarf 12,880 2010-12-09 (Cata)
Kalizka Oh was Süßes Priest Undead 17,870 2011-01-02 (Cata)
Endlesspaîn Die Apokalypse Priest Draenei 15,610 2011-03-06 (Cata)
Enarâ Rise of Empire Hunter Human 17,040 2011-11-21 (Cata)
Lynesse Infinitas Paladin Human 11,645 2012-01-04 (Cata)
Amorák none Druid Tauren 11,440 2012-01-17 (Cata)
Nefretítí Tornado Jericho Priest Human 15,355 2012-02-05 (Cata)
Blexxar Communis Validus Warlock Blood Elf 9,110 2012-02-05 (Cata)
Kaldew n i g h t r a i d Rogue Worgen 14,550 2012-02-08 (Cata)

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