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On this realm, 61 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 2
Paladin 9
Hunter 6
Rogue 4
Priest 5
Death Knight 3
Shaman 2
Mage 14
Warlock 8
Druid 8

By race

Human 21
Dwarf 2
Night Elf 12
Gnome 2
Draenei 3
Worgen 5
Orc 2
Undead 4
Tauren 4
Troll 0
Blood Elf 4
Goblin 1

By faction & expansion

Alliance 45
Horde 15
Early 43
WotLK 9
Cata 9
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Meldrew Ancient Order of Wisdom Paladin Human 22,545 (Unknown)
Tainy Order of the Silver Dawn Mage Gnome 20,245 (Unknown)
Kahli Kernel Panic Druid Night Elf 22,065 (Unknown)
Kapszlock Alliance of Destiny Warlock Worgen 22,685 (Unknown)
Syntrax Reckless Mortals Warlock Human 16,445 (Unknown)
Lievy Equites Druid Worgen 16,930 (Unknown)
Synelle none Paladin Human 14,240 (Unknown)
Magelette nerdherd Mage Human 16,845 (Unknown)
Stomper Conviction Warrior Tauren 19,630 (Unknown)
Marion none Mage Human 15,770 (Unknown)
Martellus Angels with Filthy Souls Paladin Human 16,390 (Unknown)
Invictar Legends of Destruction Death Knight Human 16,145 (Unknown)
Snikie Crusaders of Honor Priest Dwarf 22,000 (Unknown)
Minsa Omnislash Death Knight Blood Elf 15,575 (Unknown)
Silverslime Divinum Mage Goblin 23,160 (Unknown)
Nagassh Curse of Years Warlock Undead 24,280 (Unknown)
Oule Reckless Mortals Hunter Night Elf 20,960 (Unknown)
Shasier Mystical Odour Hunter Draenei 16,055 (Unknown)
Parlee Fouls Bane Rogue Night Elf 19,475 (Unknown)
Puffycow none Druid Tauren 17,465 (Unknown)
Razaek Antics Mage Draenei 15,420 (Unknown)
Roxi Order of the Silver Dawn Mage Night Elf 19,320 (Unknown)
Druklak Curse of Years Paladin Blood Elf 20,230 (Unknown)
Arawen Reckless Mortals Priest Night Elf 19,980 (Unknown)
Alef Secrets of Azeroth Rogue Human 14,160 (Unknown)
Boglin Night Owls Hunter Night Elf 23,350 (Unknown)
Calibang The Imperium Hunter Human 16,410 (Unknown)
Cerydan Mystical Odour Druid Night Elf 23,915 (Unknown)
Zhee none Warlock Human 9,230 (Unknown)
Xyndera Mythical Honour Rogue Night Elf 12,825 (Unknown)
Xidas Ancient Order of Wisdom Paladin Human 8,200 (Unknown)
Daeni Alliance of Destiny Warlock Human 22,805 (Unknown)
Darkel United By Fate Hunter Night Elf 19,710 (Unknown)
Dzsulee Alliance of Destiny Shaman Draenei 17,950 (Unknown)
Erufs none Paladin Human 16,665 (Unknown)
Flyrus Playing for Fun Rogue Dwarf 16,175 (Unknown)
Virti Isten Ostorai Mage Human 21,040 (Unknown)
Gaandaallf Rise Legacy Mage Human 22,525 (Unknown)
Greenleaves Order of the Silver Dawn Druid Night Elf 19,650 (Unknown)
Vazjerei Requiem Shaman 13,765 (Unknown)
Harvie Rise Legacy Mage Human 18,705 (Unknown)
Hatsjoe Order of the Silver Dawn Mage Human 16,525 (Unknown)
Howlett The Sanctuary Warlock Worgen 14,510 (Unknown)
Zuzuly Natures Wrath Hunter Worgen 11,505 (Unknown)
Shanton Alliance of Destiny Warlock Gnome 14,220 2009-10-10 (WotLK)
Zeechet Natures Wrath Druid Night Elf 14,520 2009-12-15 (WotLK)
Cloude Mythical Honour Mage Human 12,030 2010-01-04 (WotLK)
Kelsing Mythical Honour Mage Night Elf 14,960 2010-01-16 (WotLK)
Frozentina Reckless Mortals Mage Human 13,290 2010-02-13 (WotLK)
Loria Aedis Mortiferi Warrior Orc 15,615 2010-02-28 (WotLK)
Maree Aedis Mortiferi Priest Undead 16,015 2010-05-02 (WotLK)
Midha The Royal Kilted Yaksmen Druid Tauren 13,195 2010-07-08 (WotLK)
Groghanlah Umbrage Warlock Undead 17,365 2010-10-11 (WotLK)
Paplan Isten Ostorai Paladin Human 14,800 2010-12-04 (Cata)
Jassia Requiem Priest Human 9,625 2011-02-28 (Cata)
Coldivinus Immortals Priest Undead 19,735 2011-04-13 (Cata)
Winy Blacksail Pirates Paladin Blood Elf 13,915 2011-08-12 (Cata)
Cloudio Conviction Paladin Blood Elf 18,630 2011-10-17 (Cata)
Nadír Curse of Years Death Knight Orc 19,135 2012-01-21 (Cata)
Togos The Eclipse Druid Tauren 14,120 2012-02-08 (Cata)
Bláze Natures Wrath Mage Worgen 13,975 2012-02-10 (Cata)

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