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On this realm, 49 players have earned Insane in the Membrane.

By class

Warrior 8
Paladin 4
Hunter 1
Rogue 1
Priest 8
Death Knight 0
Shaman 5
Mage 7
Warlock 9
Druid 6

By race

Human 13
Dwarf 2
Night Elf 10
Gnome 4
Draenei 4
Worgen 0
Orc 1
Undead 4
Tauren 1
Troll 1
Blood Elf 6
Goblin 2

By faction & expansion

Alliance 33
Horde 15
Early 39
WotLK 4
Cata 6
Character Guild Class Race Points Went Insane
Dixi Unity Warlock Gnome 22,020 (Unknown)
Nubu Circle of Elements Priest Draenei 18,755 (Unknown)
Vivo none Priest Human 15,500 (Unknown)
Catta EichhörnchenImTodeskampf Shaman Goblin 19,160 (Unknown)
Ennam Enmity Warrior Human 23,700 (Unknown)
Garth Dîe Rasselbande Warrior Human 16,580 (Unknown)
Groka Infinitas Warrior Orc 18,035 (Unknown)
Kiddo Infinitas Paladin Blood Elf 17,175 (Unknown)
Wilga Legends of Kingdom Priest Human 21,310 (Unknown)
Xyria Ultima Ratio Shaman Troll 22,505 (Unknown)
Averon Blaze Druid Night Elf 8,855 (Unknown)
Charsy Greyhoofs Erbe Mage Blood Elf 16,985 (Unknown)
Chawiz Unity Warlock Human 22,040 (Unknown)
Clampy Dilectum Mage Human 23,985 (Unknown)
Kírâ Last Guardians Warlock Gnome 20,150 (Unknown)
Maddie Repulse Druid Night Elf 18,060 (Unknown)
Meggem CHILLEN Warrior Human 23,700 (Unknown)
Noluen Legends of Kingdom Druid Night Elf 12,300 (Unknown)
Prayer Hinterm Pc an der Front Priest Undead 18,205 (Unknown)
Rufuss Circle of Elements Paladin Draenei 21,455 (Unknown)
Antessa Insensible Priest Human 20,430 (Unknown)
Husitan none Druid Night Elf 24,750 (Unknown)
Iceberg none Mage Human 14,185 (Unknown)
Locktay Bengels Shaman Draenei 13,415 (Unknown)
Mcrusty Dilectum Warlock Human 18,830 (Unknown)
Trissia EichhörnchenImTodeskampf Priest Goblin 15,495 (Unknown)
Xelaria Schizophren Warrior Gnome 14,730 (Unknown)
Alannais Greyhoofs Erbe Warlock Undead 12,670 (Unknown)
Desognar Nebelkrieger Mage Gnome 12,940 (Unknown)
Hannsolo none Shaman Draenei 23,210 (Unknown)
Hreimdar Legenden aus dem ExiL Warrior Dwarf 21,225 (Unknown)
Vairihel none Warlock Blood Elf 14,910 (Unknown)
Brangäne Legenden aus dem ExiL Hunter Night Elf 21,115 (Unknown)
Chaoswing Infinitas Warlock Undead 17,945 (Unknown)
Alphanrone Legends of Kingdom Warrior Night Elf 21,580 (Unknown)
Dunkelhorn Infinitas Druid Tauren 21,425 (Unknown)
Môtsognir Intentionally Evil Priest Dwarf 18,505 (Unknown)
Punishment Dragons of Justice Paladin Human 14,890 (Unknown)
Esmeraldana Greyhoofs Erbe Mage Blood Elf 17,075 (Unknown)
Schagad T i L T Shaman 18,805 2009-10-06 (WotLK)
Manawyddan Debellator Impavidus Mage Undead 9,840 2010-03-25 (WotLK)
Paladoschos RedDevils Paladin Blood Elf 8,015 2010-05-02 (WotLK)
Gemima Falkens Maze Warlock Human 14,045 2010-11-01 (WotLK)
Dronjak Bündnis der Helden Mage Human 13,545 2011-07-02 (Cata)
Lógosch Paradoxon Priest Night Elf 12,315 2012-01-02 (Cata)
Buekka Inhale Warrior Night Elf 12,525 2012-01-07 (Cata)
Døombringer Evidence Rogue Night Elf 15,190 2012-01-19 (Cata)
Chronoss Fluch der Schatten Warlock Blood Elf 15,835 2012-02-07 (Cata)
Loog CHILLEN Druid Night Elf 12,335 2012-02-11 (Cata)

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